Soylent halts sales of its powder as customers keep getting sick

The products share several common ingredients, Soylent said, but the investigation isn’t complete.

Hopefully they will share their findings, because they do share quite a bit of ingredients, but it is probably more about the sourcing of these ingredients rather than the ingredients themselves.

I made a quick script to analyze the two different products, and these are the shared ingredients between the powder and the bars:

Soy Protein Isolate
Canola Oil
Modified Food Starch
Whole Algal Flour
Soy Lecithin
Potassium Chloride
Mono & Diglycerides
Dipotassium Phosphate
dl-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate
Copper Gluconate
Manganese Sulfate
Vitamin A Palmitate
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Chromium Chloride
Potassium Iodide
Sodium Molybdate
Sodium Selenite
Folic Acid
Vitamin B12


I don’t consume Soylent (the brand), but something like this is of course not good for the general trust in Soylent-like products, which are growing in popularity, but also receive a ton of skepticism, criticism, and outright kneejerk reactions. Some people reportedly even ended up in intensive care.

Bearing in mind the novelty of those ingredients, my suspicion is with the algal flour.

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I was about to post about this as the Soylent issue is popping up all over my Facebook newsfeed.

Is it a food borne illness or are people having a bad reaction to some of the ingredients?

It’s a pity that it’s giving ammunition to the powdered food critics. I see some slow eating advocates feel threatened and are on the attack.

To pick up on a few points on that New Yorker article:

Most humans are happy to eat real food, and crave it in its most natural form.

Nope. Most people eat whatever nice tasting processed junk they can easily buy in their nearest shops. That’s why there are so many fat, wheezing diabetics.

A strawberry picked at the height of summer. Fish pulled from a river and grilled over wood coals. Sourdough bread made from a twenty-year-old starter, and kneaded by hand. Wine grown on knobby vines, and aged in a dark cellar.

I don’t think that sounds like most people. Most people are overworked, underpaid, in a rush, and grabbing whatever they can. Most people eat eat crisps, chocolate, energy drinks, and beer.

And speaking of beer, how many people get ill from drinking too much of that? An on purpose, too!


Absolutely. The argument that we should be celebrating the essence of food is made completely irrelevant by the fact that 89% UK adults skip one meal a day, 64% are overweight and obese and that 1 in 8 21-34 year olds eat fast food TWICE a day.

Fish pulled from the river is great but I work 9-5 in Aylesbury. What world are these people living in?


Looking on Google Maps, Aylesbury has various streams running through it. Have you tried fishing in the nearest one during your lunch break?


@TimOfficeHuel fishing vid please!!! I wana see this.

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New features:

  • Tim’s Crazy Lunchtime Fishing Trips
  • Tim’s Epic Dinners (mostly fish)

Our Instagram feed is about to get so much more exciting.


Go out and catch some American Crayfish and help the UK river ecosystem too:

That was a very good guess as it turns out

Ah is there an article on it now?

One of the joys of living on the Yorkshire Coast is having fresh mackerel on a BBQ straight out of the North Sea after a few hours fishing from a kayak :wink:

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Yes, there is an article from Bloomberg here:

I did it out the back of a boat in Mexico. The ones I caught were tiny but the guide caught quite large fish using just a line with a couple of hooks attached. They filleted straight away and made ceviche. That was a good day!


Fishing in Mexico was probably a little bit warmer than the North Sea !

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Probably more likely to get shot, though

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It is interesting that this article is allowed on these forums, but a discussion about another competitor isn’t[0].

[0] My Protien version cheaper

Sure, but this thread raises legitimate concerns about lents in general, the other one is saying that there is a different product. It also falsely claims that the other product is cheaper. It would be silly for the Huel staff to continue moderating an inflammatory thread that is based on a false premise, it’s just not constructive.