Split Huel bag

Hello. Started my Huel journey today. Opened the box this morning to make up the shakes and discovered one of my bags of vanilla has split at the bottom, and the powder has spilt in the box.

I had this, contact Huel. They sent me a replacement

Hi there,

Really sorry to only just pick this up, many apologies. Did you contact team@huel.com? Your pouch must have had a rough ride, we’ll happily replace your pouch for you. Just send over a photo or the split, batch number (reverse side, 4 digit number, bottom right) and your order number and we’ll sort it all out for you.

Sorry about the state it arrived in, hopefully we can arrive at a swift solution.

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Hi Tim - thank you for your message. Issue is all resolved now thank you. Spoke to lovely Aiden from Huel who has replaced the item. Thanks for the super swift response from the main email address and super fast replacement delivery.
It’s all good in the hood!!! :laughing:

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Customer service team are brilliant! Glad Aidan managed to get it all cracked for you.