Stevia and Sucralose - quantities in both Vanilla and Flavour Pouches?

I have no issue generally with Stevia or Sucralose (Aspartame is another story…), but would be interested to know what quantity (per 100g) of Sucralose are in the v2.2 Vanilla and also what quantity (per 100g) of Stevia are used in the Flavour Pouches.

I ask because the NHS guidelines for “acceptable daily intake” for Sucralose are 15mg per kg of body weight. So for an average 80kg man, that would be 1.2g of Sucralose per day.


In addition, the NHS guidelines for “acceptable daily intake” for Stevia are 4mg per kg of body weight, so 3.2g of Stevia per day for an 80kg man.


If a person was going to live completely off Huel, with an intake of 2000kcals incorporating 500g of Vanilla Huel per day as well as the advised 10g of Flavour Pouch powder (2g per 100g of Huel). Would the levels of Sucralose and Stevia be within NHS guidelines?

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Your math is off. 15mg per kg of body weight means 1.2g for an 80kg man, not 12g.

This page tells you how much sucralose is in Huel:

The answer is 132.37mg sucralose per 2000kcal. (this is 0.13g)

For the stevia amounts, you will have to wait for a Huel representative.

I live completely off Unflavored & Unsweetened Huel 100% of the time, without any flavor additions. I prefer to avoid sucralose due to studies showing a negative effect on the gut microbiome - although more studies are needed.


@rikefrejut - oops, you’re right. I’ve edited my original post. Don’t know how I missed the guide to Sucralose as had a fairly thorough look through the site before posting. Seems Sucralose levels are well within advised limits.

Hopefully a member of the Huel team can provide some input on Stevia quantities in the flavour pouches - but if going by the Sucralose amounts it will probably be a very low amount anyway.

Your math for stevia is also off.

The amount of stevia in the Huel Flavour System sachets is between 24 and 28mg per 1g of flavour. Hope that helps.