Subscription/ordering more than needed

Just ordered vegan protein from another company.

Have used huel for a while but just wanted to order a vanilla protein powder and to try the black edition cinnamon swirl which I can’t order unless I order more than I need or open a subscription that I don’t want.

I already have vanilla, chocolate and banana black edition and berries, chocolate and vanilla in the protein powder.

I’m aware I can create my own bundle under the caveat of opening a subscription of which I can cancel at any time but I don’t want to. I want to order what I want as and when I need it without messing around. Surely I can’t be the only one that finds this system patronising and insulting.

Btw, protein works are doing over 60% discount sitewide. Apple cinnamon swirl ordered as well additional protein flavours. Had I have been able to order the two products I wanted from huel I wouldn’t have even looked anywhere else. What a shame

What’s the point in sponsoring another brand’s offers here?

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I’m not sponsoring them and I thought this was feedback to huel

Hi Adam11111111!1, I think this is the beauty of free choice; Huel are free to sell in the manner in which they feel they are likely to make the most profit, and you are free to take your business elsewhere if you so wish.

I don’t think I’ve ever found myself insulted or patronised by a subscription, not even when I was a subscriber to Insulting and Patronising Magazine (it was a weekly publication some years back…).

Also, don’t call me Shirley ;o).

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Hilarious :rofl::rofl:

Of course they are but it’s leading to customers going elsewhere - bit silly isn’t it? Why not just let people buy what they need when they need it. Could’ve had a loyal customer for life

Even with the discount? That’s a great recommendation for Huel as a product, even if you don’t like the ordering system.

What discount? I don’t want additional bags or to subscribe to then unsubscribe straight away. What is the point in that?!

I understood that even with protein works at 60% discount you’d still prefer Huel (if not for the ordering process)… Sounded like a great thumbs-up for Huel as a product, as you’d rather spend the extra for Huel if only the ordering process was different. That’s how I read your post anyway. .

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Yes. I didn’t want to go elsewhere. I’ve never tried PW but since they do a cinnamon swirl and a vanilla protein powder at 60% off I can’t complain. If I like it obviously I’ll stick with them. Huel isn’t amazing enough to encourage or as I see it, coerce and manipulate me into subscribing or ordering more than I need.

Oh right, I thought you had experience of both. Curious about how you’ll find it, tho’ I know this isn’t the place to discuss other companies’ products. Anyway, hope it works out well.

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Thanks for the feedback. My understanding here is that even though you are now able to order the intended 1 x Black Edition and 1 x Complete Protein, it is the fact you must subscribe and then cancel which is why you are moving to Protein Works?

Above is the order I believe you want to place and you are now able to do that through Build Your Own Bundle.

We are actually trialling a one-time purchase option for Build Your Own Bundle in Sweden right now. So watch this space.

Correct :pleading_face::pleading_face::woozy_face:

If your ordering schedule, products and quantities might be unpredictable then a subscription might not be the best way forward.

Personally, I have powder on a sub and do occasionally one-time purchases of Huel Bars and H&S pouches as and when I’m running low on something.