Successful Weight Loss


You’re not an exception. I used to love snacking at my desk but now I can’t remember the last time I just snacked for the sake of it


I’ve found that to an extent I crave savoury food, but literally 10g of nuts or cheese will satisfy my craving. Whereas previously I’d be craving a sandwich or a bag of crisps or whatever. It’s surprised me how hungry I don’t feel when drinking Huel.


That’s also been my experience, and I believe this goes a long way to explaining the difference between my current successful weight-loss regime, and many previous diets that have failed.


Update. After 31 weeks, I now weigh 12st 7.5lbs (175.5lbs, 79.6kg), so I have lost 4st 4.5lbs (60.5lbs, 27.4kg). If I can continue losing weight at this rate, I should reach my goal weight of 11st (154lbs, 69.9kg) by the end of the year. Huel is continuing to play a very big part in this, I use at least one of the products every day, and usually at least two.


Hey Pete, how are you getting on?


Hi Ryan, very well thanks. Still a daily user of Huel, in fact more than ever. I like the new ready mixed drinks, and I’m looking forward to the mint chocolate flavour powder. My last progress report was a while ago. With the Xmas period coming up, with its abundance of social occasions, I took the decision to temporarily relax my weigh-loss regime, and enjoy myself, and I did! Exercise went by the wayside also (I don’t enjoy it in the cold weather). Now that January’s here, I’m back to calorie deficits every day, and the weight I gained at Xmas is already falling off with ease. I’ll report back when I feel like I’ve achieved something significant.


Wow, this is so impressive and very relatable to me in terms or weight:length ratio - just 2 weeks in of being able to keep to it but I hope to be able to make the journey you made (making), good job mate!