Supporto Italiano - Italian support

Sono Raffaele e sono un appassionato Hueler da tanto tempo.
Siccome non c’è ancora un forum in italiano, apro questo post per rispondere a tutti coloro che possano aver bisogno di aiuto ma non praticano molto l’inglese.
Contattatemi qui come risposta pubblica se avete bisogno di consigli.
A breve pubblicherò un articolo Medium al riguardo di Huel.
Mi piacerebbe anche sapere se lo staff di Huel abbia intenzione di coinvolgere la community italiana in qualche modo. @Tim_Huel
A presto!

I’m Raffaele and I’ve been a passionate Hueler for a long time.
Since there is not yet a forum in Italian, I open this post to answer all those who may need help but do not practice much English.
Contact me here as a public response if you need advice.
Soon I will publish a Medium article about Huel in Italian.
I would also like to know if Huel’s staff is going to involve the Italian community in any way.

As there is already an Italian thread titled “we speak in Italian” which you are actively providing support to Italian users in I don’t really see what benefit there is to another Italian thread called “Italian Support”.

It is more clear in my opinion and I would like to share in well-formatted way tips and feedbacks here. I know you do not care, it’s clearer and more practical for me to share with people I know.

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My next door neighbour is called Sloppy Giuseppe. He is about as Italian as Dominoes:

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Troppo inglese, troppo poco italiano ancora…

Wow Coup give it a rest. He’s completely right, this is not just a forum for the UK, and if an Italian Hueler comes on here and searches for support, then this is the best thread for it. You can’t say all Italian content belongs on one thread just because it’s in Italian. The forum is for everyone that uses Huel or wants to know more about it, whatever their preferred language

I’ve deleted my second post. It was stupid and I apologise.

But I never said this was just a forum for the UK, infact, your point there there only reinforces my opinion. This is a worldwide forum with the exception of the USA and Germany. Therefore the common language especially considering Huel is a UK company is expected to be English. That is the most inclusive way to host this forum. If Raffaele begins writing articles, tips and advice purely in Italian it actually excludes every other user of this global forum from reading them and having any input unless they use translation software back and forth. If you scale this approach up if there was this type of arrangement for every language Huel sell to most of the top 20 threads could end up being language specific.

From a practical perspective, there is already an Italian thread being used by Italian users. I’m pretty certain users are working together in that thread already offering advice and tips in Italian without the need for a separate thread doing the exact same thing.

If there are enough Italian users I think a better approach would be for Huel to consider making an “Italy” forum which maybe Raffaele could take the lead on if that was a role which interested him which would give the freedom to have many more topics specific for Italian users.

Most forums I have used have regional specific sections for this reason and Huel have already set a precedent with the Germany forum.


Perhaps this topic should go into the ‘Global’ Category?


@Coup fair enough I get what you’re saying. However this post now sits in the Global category, where users are encouraged to post in their preferred language.


Good spot Bee and Ryan. Tbh, I don’t use categories to view threads as when you do you can only select one category at a time. As the forum grows and more threads in specific languages arise we really need the ability to select more than one category at a time when viewing the forum.

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It was just an idea to help and give feedback. I know many people here in Italy who would be able to use Huel better but they are not practical in speaking English (ugly Italian reality) and believe it or not, the forum for those who start is really convenient and useful.


I tend to stick with ‘Latest’ and ‘Unread’ unless I am searching for something specific.

I love the idea of the forum becoming more multilingual. The reason it hasn’t is that this was a UK forum initially, then we had a US and a German forum when we launched into those countries. But then we realised it probably wouldn’t be great to have separate forums for every country we sell Huel in.

Until this point there hasn’t been much demand for Italian correspondence on here, but we have Italian team members who would be well placed for chatting on the forum.

Currently we have full time Hueligans for:

When topics are posted in their languages I categorise them and ask one of these guys to respond! I’m sure I can do the same with Italian :slight_smile:


@Tim_Huel Thanks a lot, Tim!

Until this point there hasn’t been much demand for Italian correspondence on here

According to me and according to what I could understand, Italian people just see on the English forum and then they just go away because the majority of them can’t write or read in English.

Interesting, how have you assessed this? Our presence in Italy is bigger than it was but isn’t huge.

@Tim_Huel Huel, at first sight, is a bit of a decidedly useless thing for an average Italian. They think that they can find food everywhere, even well prepared and the idea of ​dust is too connected to chemical and unhealthy things.
In short, here unfortunately or fortunately, solid food is an obsession: while eating, we talk about what will be eaten later.

And people, both for the language problem, do not try on the forum how it could be better: they simply do not see the benefits.

Instead, it might be useful for me to launch Huel as a healthy possibility that keeps you satisfied for a long time and helps you lose weight, as that’s what most people want. Or at least most of the people

I talked to and explained Huel was​ much more attracted to the fact that it could be helpful in weight loss than in the macronutrient ingredients.

I understand that there is so much else in Huel, but if I had to choose a reason to “convince” an average Italian about Huel is immediacy. Plus the fact that you help not to overeat.

In this sense, returning to my post, it made sense to open a totally Italian forum. I see very well the idea of ​​the daily diary and I think it can be a remarkable discovery here, but it must be done in Italian. A fantastic target of people for Huel in Italy are all people aged 30-40 even for work or stress, they can not eat well.

Thanks for your insight. I guess what I was getting at was do you have any data points to support your theory that…

Or are you just postulating? Do you friends say to you they don’t want to come to the forum because it’s not in Italian.

It’s something I’m interested in, but there is so much knowledge here it would seem a shame to start a fresh. Perhaps a Facebook group is a possible solution.

Ciao Raffaele,
bella idea, grazie! Io l’inglese lo so ma per queste cose sono un po’ pigra :slight_smile:
Volevo chiederti un consiglio: io uso Huel per non pranzare in mensa dato il largo utilizzo di condimenti che non facilita la mia perdita di peso e con il conteggio delle calorie sono una schiappa .
Io ho iniziato in questo modo: COLAZIONE 100ml di latte di riso (senza zuccheri aggiunti) + 100ml di acqua (il latte di riso ha carboidrati essendo riso quindi diluisco per limitare) + cannella + cacao amaro. Verso le 11 ho un languorino ma lo silenzio con un po’ di frutta secca.
PRANZO 200ml di latte di riso (senza zuccheri aggiunti) + 200ml di acqua (il latte di riso ha carboidrati essendo riso quindi diluisco per limitare) + cannella + cacao amaro.
CENA ceno normalmente evitando le porcherie, non uso Huel perchè ceno con i bambini e, per quanto sia composto da elementi naturali e nutrizionalmente bilanciato, non mi sembra di dare proprio un bell’esempio.
La mia domanda è in merito alla colazione e pranzo: è corretto come sto procedendo o forse è il caso di aggiustare il “dosaggio” con la colazione? Non ho visto grossi cambiamenti, finora ne ho consumato solo una busta. Ecco, vorrei ottimizzare questi 2 pasti. Grazie :slight_smile: