Sustainability idea

I have just received my first Huel pack and noticed on the side of the shaker bottle, a plastic sticker saying fill to line - for 500ml. Just to the side of this plastic sticker is the Huel logo.

When I noticed this, i thought that to become a more sustainable brand, if the logo was raised about 4mm, then the L of Huel would be at the same height where the sticker says fill to line. This can act as your marker to fill the shaker.

If this change happened, you could do away with producing plastic waste that can not be recycled and your product would be even more sustainable.

As they say, small changes are the start to bigger things.

Thanks for reading. Steve.

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why can’t it be recycled? there isn’t a need to raise the logo as there is already a raised line in the shaker showing the water level (what the sticker is drawing attention to) but yes, I agree, the sticker is a little superfluous.

I like stickers that can be removed intact and cleanly, so they can be reused. Save on virgin plastic packing tape. Those huge Huel Essential labels are great.

The main reason for the sticker is the barcode, not the fill line. We need a barcode on the item so that it can be packed in the warehouse.

The fill line element on the sticker is purely nice to have, but there it makes customers physically engage with the indented fill line, which is quite easy to miss because it isn’t super visible.

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