Sustainability with bottled huel


I love the product and all of that, but it really freaks me out how much a plastic I produce by having bottled huel.

Could you please consider sending bottled huel in a form that’s easy for customers to send back for you to reuse the bottles?

Like, increase the price a little bit, but then if the customer sent the thing back - return the difference to their account?

Otherwise I am really thinking of just saying no to entire category of bottled huel drinks just for the plastic waste.

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Hi Ivan

you cannot reuse PET bottles for refilling with the same product - they aren’t safely designed for that. the best option is to put them into the correct recycling stream as they are already using recycled PET in the production - the more recycled PET resin that becomes available - the higher the amount of it can be used in producing new bottles :slight_smile:

What is the reason you don’t use the powder instead?


Hey Ivan, welcome to the forum. RTD certainly uses the most amount of plastic per 400kcal compared to other Huel meals. All our RTDs are made of PET, including 51% recycled PET.

As Phil, the bottles cannot be washed out and made sterile for further use, it would not be fit for consumption.

However I would want to draw attention to the lifecycle of such a process. You would have:

  • Emissions from transport
  • Water usage from cleaning
  • Probably energy and heat from cleaning too

It might seem like a really simple solution, but when we look at sustainability we must be careful to look at the whole lifecycle and impact fully. What might seem like a great thing, reusing plastic, may be net-negative for the environment with all factors considered. We believe it’s possible to use plastic responsibly, to achieve a circular economy where the value of packaging is realised to it’s full potential and the RTD is widely recycled curbside.

Hope that makes sense and I love that you are looking for more sustainable ways to live your life. Keep it up! :earth_africa:

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