What's the update on the use of plastics?

I’ve been reading up on the use of plastics in Huel packaging and wonder what the official update is - please advise.

I noticed that the huel drinks bottles are PET too.

Hello Graham - details of Huel’s packaging efforts are included in their recently published sustainability report. FYI on their PET bottles they have exceeded their planned timeline and now use over 50% recycled PET in the bottles. You cannot legally label the bottle with an rPET resin stamp though until it is 100%.

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Regarding RTD bottles, in November we started producing bottles with 51% recycled content (an increase from the previous 25% we used). These bottles are 100% recyclable and will be in circulation in 2021 as we use existing stock to eliminate food waste.

We are striving to make absolutely all of our packaging 100% recyclable by 2025.

Check out our Sustainable Nutrition Report Phil linked above, it’s got loads of information that might be useful for you too!

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Just had a thought, are rtd bottles single use only?

While single use in the sense that they only contain one meal whereas a Powder pouch contains 17 meals, you can reuse them if you wish!

Do you have a green thumb? Check out these planters we made back in May:


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Apart from getting creative like @Cam_Huel suggested – you should not really re-use PET bottles for drinking purposes – if you do and start noticing a distinct plastic taste to your drink, you should stop using it immediately. If you don’t need a planter, better to put them in the recycling.

The RTD bottles are fully recyclable but unfortunately the majority of PET used in food and drink packaging doesn’t get recycled by the end user – which is why there is such a shortage of rPET resin – between that and big brands like PepsiCo and Coke stockpiling the recycled resin, it makes it really difficult for smaller brand owners to source as much of it as they need.


Thanks for that, Phil. That’s the answer that I was after :slight_smile:

@Cam_Huel - I’d recommend updating the Why does Huel Ready-to-drink use plastic? page to indicate that RTD bottles use 50%. Right now, it says 25%. It’s one of the top search results for Huel RTD and plastics.

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Good spot! I’ve let the E-commerce team know. :blush: