Re-using RTD Bottles

My son tends to lose drinks bottles at work pretty regularly and doesn’t want to take my Huel bottles and lose them. I thought he could take RTD and then clean and re-use them when he wants a powdered Huel. We blend them so no need to shake it up.

I guess he will need to use less liquid than normal or it won’t fit, can anybody think of any issues with the plan?

Yes – PET and rPET bottles are not designed to be reused as the plastic surface integrity degrades with washing/abrasion. You might get away with it a few times but as soon as you get even the slightest hint of a plastic aftertaste you should NOT use it.


Thanks Phil, I was thinking probably use the bottles 2-3 times :slight_smile:

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Reusing the bottle is something we wouldn’t advise as Phil said!

So personally, I used to have this issue all the time! When I started working at Huel it was the same again. I started setting reminders to wash my shaker and put it straight in my bag. Sometimes the struggle is real but just something that maybe could help?

Not really, he’s a police officer and things get left in cars, on crime scenes etc.
I’ve suggested he writes his name on the bottles and he’s not confident about that either.
Thanks for the comments tho, we’ll work out the best way

Sounds like other coppers nick his stuff. Never trust 'em is my motto. A mate of mine is a SOCo. The best thing he ever found in a stolen car was a big toe. And as far as I know they never found the person that left it behind.

A whole new angle on finger print security?

you nailed it.

Originally before I knew what his job was I was going to suggest handcuffing a shaker to himself but now that would sound rather fitting for the situation given his career :grinning:

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Surely there’s an opportunity for Huel to convince the forces to add a Huel holder to Police Officer equipment