Sweat smells different

I’m on my fourth week of eating 100% huel (with some chocolate and crisps on occasion). I notice that my sweat smells strange and different, vaguely like ammonia cleaning products or something, I can’t quite place it but its a distinctive odour and has been smelling that way for the last two weeks. Any idea what this is?

I never noticed my sweat smelling differently, but I did notice my urine smelling like popcorn. However, this has decreased a bit since the milder flavour was introduced.

I think I solved this one, my wife changed our laundry detergent (from one unperfumed brand to another) without me knowing and I think this one smells slightly when I get warm :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I’m also witnessing this after only 5 days on 100% Huel.

It smells the same as the urine, other people describe it as ‘popcorn’

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will show up, but this sounds like what I found when I was eating less and cycling - insufficient carbs were causing protein to be used as fuel which makes your sweat smell ammonia-ish.

I have been on 100% Huel since the end of November. I exercise 7 days a week. Never been a difference to the smell of my sweat or urine.

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I’m on my 3rd(ish) week of Huel twice a day. Family are complaining of a sweet smell around me (I have the vanilla mixed with a bit of cocoa).

I’d just double-checked and they don’t smell the amonia side of things. Baffled as to what it is, and now feel incredibly self-conscious as I"m worried that my colleagues think I smell too. :frowning:

That sounds like ketosis

I have started Huel yesterday and today I noticed my body starting smelling funny. My daughter says i smell like urine, even though I have had two showers today :weary:
I was wondering if original poster noticed if drinking more got rid of this? I have had 1.5 litres today.

Makes a change from popcorn smelling urine.

OR urine smelling popcorn :scream:

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Traces of urine on peanuts in bars makes for grim reading…

:rofl: think I’d rather my urine smelt like popcorn!

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