My Urine Smells Like Popcorn

Has anyone else had this?

I’m pretty sure I’m not diabetic, so it must be the vanilla flavour coming through in my urine.

Dunno, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had poporn that smells (and tasted) like pee. :smiley:

@ronnietucker I think you’ve been going to the wrong cinemas :wink:


Not for me, I did not find uncommon odor. (edited)

This is my first day with Huel and I am noticing exactly the same.


Something I have noted over the last 4 days is that I need to up my water intake.
I think with all the activity and drinking a lot of the stuff you subconsciously feel you have also had enough water I can not speak for anybody else but i need to have about 4 pints of water on top the huel.
This is because I am generally doing 1 hour of hard exercise 6 days a week

@PacoA Ahh, glad it’s not just me then.

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perhaps it is the oats…

similar smell?

@PacoA But I usually eat a lot of oats anyway.

How weird, actually it has a reminiscence to popcorn! O_o

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I am still having this smell.

I am quiet satisfied with Huel.

However, if this problem arises from artificial sweetener or flavours… please remove them.


Yeah, I’m getting popcorn pee :frowning:

also seem to have a unpleasantly aromatic flatulence

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Well I wish to complain to the makers, as I’m getting neither, and feel cheated. :wink: :smile:


I just joined the forum today, currently halfway through my first full week of huel diet - I thought I was imagining an odd odour, wasn’t sure what exactly but you’re right - it’s popcorn.

Good to know I can definitely blame the Huel!


Well, a quick search reveals that one of the ingredients for butterscotch popcorn is vanilla extract.

I’m now wondering what my urine will smell like when I try the other flavours that are soon to be released…


I have been getting the same thing.