Lift off!

I worried so much about Huel before I received it because of the reviews of people hating the taste, but it literally tastes just like oats (vanilla). Just having my first ever Huel for dinner, just a two scoop one. Excited! This is the future :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, the severe gas you will experience later will cause you to have proper lift off.


Yea, might not be on the package but be aware of open fire after consuming Huel.

Huel farts ended my relationship.

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They sound like a loser if they dumped you over Huel farts!

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Day 3 of Huel and my digestion is ok but omg the headaches are terrible at the moment! Feeling rough. But Huel is yum and I can happily report that my IBS is not flaring up at all.


Headaches might be detox headaches. I had one for 5 days straight when I stopped drinking tea.

Drink loads of water as well

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Didn’t realise socks were that fussy.


I think this is probably because a) slightly less sleep than I usually get and b) the sugar detox - I will admit my diet wasn’t the most Jamie Oliver before…

well played - ouchie! :grimacing:

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