Taking an unopened Huel into the US?

Hi all

I’m one week into Huel and enjoying it as a breakfast replacement. Whilst eating a normal lunch and high protein (chicken / broccoli) dinner.

I’m travelling to New York and will be there throughout February. I’m considering taking an unopened Huel with my hold luggage. As the label is in English and it is unopened I assume it is fine to take through customs.

My questions is - has anyone else tried this? Any problems? Delays? Or all fine?

Likewise if anyone from Huel can confirm whether or not this would be a problem.

Thanks, Chris

Worst case scenario they get a bit edgy and test it. If you’re not hiding your cocaine in it then you’ve got nothing to worry about. (Besides, not sure Huel would have the same health benefits through insufflation.)

I’m sure these guys deal with plenty of bodybuilders. Don’t fret.

Whilst not having any personal knowledge of this, I found the following on Reddit (ignoring the more colourful language & some of the ridiculous suggestions) https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/2ps93h/taking_protein_powder_on_a_plane/
Perhaps check with who you’re flying with?