Tapioca Starch

Hi, I am a big fan of your product, however I am concerned about the tapioca starch.

I have read that like most flour/powdered based products, it is extremely unsafe to eat these raw.

Specifically, I have read tapioca starch CANNOT be eaten raw.

Please may someone explain this.

Many thanks

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The linamarin has been removed in processing.

Yeap John has got it processing negates any issues, don’t worry!

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Great, many thanks.

What processing allows this to be safe?

Any idea of it’s glycemic index?

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i.e - it’s glycemic index post processing

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there was another topic on this here

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Oh yeah, I forgot that. I like cassava root but don’t find it enough around here. It doesn’t grow well in Somerset. Spuds and turnips are the closest.

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No, but the final GI of the Huel powder is 16.

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Great. Thank you for clarifying.

Thank you.

Huel must process their tapioca starch further than products commonly available on store shelves. Bob’s Red Mill does not recommend eating their tapioca starch raw (see comments section): Know Your Ingredients - Tapioca Flour - Bob's Red Mill Blog

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