Taurine and Huel

Would there be any benefit in adding Taurine to Huel by default?

Vegans appear to have low levels of taurine, so this might be a concern to those who are 100% Huel, given that there are multiple proposed health benefits of taurine.

I am not a dietician/nutritionist, so I am looking for comments from those who know :slight_smile:

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Taurine is an interesting amino acid, for sure.

It’s not essential and, as Huel is high in protein, there will be more than sufficient of the other amino acids available to convert to it. The reason that many vegans may have low taurine levels, may be because many do not have particularly high protein intakes. With Huel, they will.

Remember, not only is taurine not an essential amino acid, it’s also not a proteogenic amino acid in animals or plants.


Thank you for the information.