Creatine recommended?

I realise there have been other threads about whether it’s okay to combine supplements like Creatine with Huel, but I wanted to ask: I am under the impression that Creatine can only naturally be obtained from meat, and that while the body can synthesise Creatine it is far less efficient. I am a vegetarian and my diet consists of 66% Huel, I do quite a lot of cardio and 3-4 weight training sessions a week - would it perhaps actually be advisable, or recommended, to be taking Creatine?

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I also wondered about carnitine since as far as I know Huel doesn’t contain any but an ordinary diet has some from meat.

There’s a study showing pretty significant cognitive benefits of supplementing creatine for vegetarians and vegans (pretty easy to find on google), and vegans apparently don’t usually seem to be deficient in carnitine (the amount in a diet that includes meat is way above what the body can absorb anyway apparently) so based on that I’m supplementing creatine (which is def making a difference to the effects of exercise for me as well) but not carnitine.


Hi @ibid

In short it is ok to combine creatine and Huel.

Creatine is not necessary for life or even for good health, but as far as sports supplements go, it’s been studied more than any other and the evidence is conculsive, it does help performace. Have a quick read of my Creatine FAQs article I wrote several years ago.

@Power - I’m not a fan of l-carnitine supplementation for fat loss as the evidence is not convincing.


I didn’t mean L-carnitine supplementation for any specific reason. I’m rather wondering if there’s any benefit to adding an amount similar to a regular diet. I think I’ve seen it in infant formulas for example.

Hi @Power - there’s no use, really. It’s not essential and what we need will be converted in the body

Since vegetarians and vegans lack the main source of dietary creatine intake, which has been estimated to supply half of the daily requirements of creatine in normal persons, both vegetarians and vegans have been reported to have lower levels of creatine.[55][56] This also applies to other meat-exclusive nutrients, such as L-Carnitine.[55]


Creatine has been demonstrated to increase cognition (memory, learning, and performance) in people with no dietary creatine intake (vegetarians and vegans). These benefits also appears to extend to the sleep deprived and elderly people without any saliant cognitive decline

Source: page about creatine

I am vegan since one year now and have ordered creatine at the same time as Huel. Waiting for my orders to arrive.


+1,000,000 for quoting Most reliable website on the topic I have yet to stumble across, the care they take to reference everything is remarkable.

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