Huel + Body Building Supplements


After a week of easing into Huel I now want to begin a mass gain program alongside a steady workout routine of 4 - 5 days per week.

I am currently 63.5KG and have estimated that i would need around 700g of huel a day to start putting on some weight. (Around 2800 Calories, 210 Grams of Protein, 280g Carbohydrates
& 70g of fat)

I would also like to combine Creatine, BCAA’s & ZMA supplements with my workout routines and was wondering if this will be ok to do so?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Have you had creatine before? I had a really bad time on it, got pains in my lower back that I couldn’t work out and from research it turned out it was my liver not being able to cope with the creatine and starting to have big problems.

The pain went away almost the moment I stopped having creatine.

Doesn’t seem to affect everyone, but if you get unexplained lower back pain, stop having it sharpish.

I currently weigh 73kg (was similar to your weight 18 months ago) and my goal is to reach 79kg. Up to now I have been taking Hurricane XS protein shake and BCAA tablets as part of my routine. Although this has worked I have reached a point where I cannot gain extra weight now and I think this is purely because I am not eating enough for my ideal intake. My delivery for Huel arrives tomorrow and my plan is to ditch the BCAA tablets as Huel contains all the essential amino acids in the ingredients. Will also be hopefully dumping the XS as well if Huel works out for me. I am using and will continue to use PULSE V4 before some workouts.

Will post my results as I go.

Good luck with with it and hope it works out for you.

Yeah, I have used it in the past with no noticeable side effects. I appreciate the advise however and will certainly be vigilante for symptoms. Thanks for the advice.

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Thanks for the input. I was using Huel for around a week before a short holiday break and there was certainly noticeable positive effects to both my mood and increased appetite.

It does however get a little sameish for me, so will be swapping out one shake a day for some Hard Gainer extreme (chocolate) to mix it up a little and also increase the variety of proteins in my diet.

I will be creating a log to monitor progress as of tomorrow and will report back after a month with how it went. :slightly_smiling:

Good luck to you too, and thanks for your input!

Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Hi @Oliver_Wigdor. I came to Huel mostly because of my involvement with work outs and being fed up with the multitude of sugary shakes and paying for brand names.

Please do not take my advice as gospel, I have only lately started to get into the science behind the body and nutrition that assists with recovery and muscle gain (and, by the way, I have seen gains that better the previous eight years of working out and following the crowd on supplements, etc!)

Creatine in my opinion will be fine. It is naturally produced by the body and also found in meat. I only ever got a touch of calf cramps and that was manageable. Some people load, some people don’t. By loading I mean saturating your muscles with a 4-6x maintenance dosage for a week before dropping to normal doses. I’ve had success doing this but it’s up to you. has some great advice on this.

BCAAs are beneficial, but then Huel contains amino acids. I’m confident you can have the perfect weight lifting body, and be super healthy, all on Huel.

Don’t forget it’s not just what you consume but WHEN you consume it. There seems to be a big movement right now that is removing the hype from post-workout nutrition to intra and pre-workout nutrition, which makes sense to me. I always carry and sip a protein shake whilst working out.

What is your workout routine? And please dear god make sure it includes squats and deadlifts…

I have noticed better gains just on Huel, than when I was on a cocktail of supplements (creatine, whey and BCAAs). Huel alone should be enough.

It’s been a long time since i started this thread but I recently googled this question again and found my own post with your replies. Thought I may aswell give an update of my experience for anybody who stumbles across this whilst doing their own research.

I am currently going to the gym for around 90 - 120 mins a day, 5 days per week with a 30 min run on my active rest days. I usually work out in the mornings and have found Huel to be incredibly beneficial for providing me with the energy i need to get my through my workout without feeling bloated, lethargic or hungry.

Supplement routine is as follows:

First Meal - 120g Huel mixed with 5g Creatine consumed with a light breakfast

Pre-workout - D-Aspartic Acid (12 day cycle) + AAKG mixed with orange juice

Post-workout - Mass Gainer Extreme from Myprotein (wanted whey protein in my diet)

Lunch time - Meal with a further 120g of Huel + cod liver oil tablet

Dinner is solid food / whatever i fancy

Huel shake taken just before bed

I gained around a stone and a half within my first 5 months (9.5 - 11 stone) and now mass gain progress has slowed but strength gains in the gym are still coming along at a good rate.

If anyone is considering taking Huel alongside their regular bodybuilding supplements I cannot recommend it enough.

For those interested i started with an FST-7 training program after easing in to the gym for a month, followed by Arnies blueprint to mass (