New Hueler! Crossfitter. Can I use BCAAs?

Hi, I am a new Huel user - in fact will be using first time tomorrow.

I am a crossfitter and train 6/7 days a week. I generally have a healthy diet, low carb, high fat with 250g + of protein.

My question is if I want to get a very good fat loss boost from using Huel can I supplement with BCAA and creative to ensure no muscle loss?

Additionally, any experiences of adding pea or rice protein to Huel? I do have unflavoured Whey but guess that wouldn’t be ideal?

Thanks in advance guys.

There will be no problem using addtional BCAAs

However, I’m not sure of any benefit either.

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Thanks James. What about Creatine?

No problem there, either.

Doesnt Huel already contain a complete amino acid profile? I’m assuming it does?

Yes it does. You can read it here if you want to see it all in depth:

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I use BCAAs because I do intermittent fasting and train in a fasted state. 10g of BCAA in my system when I start training supposedly makes that less stressful for the body. Other than that, I don’t see any benefit in using BCAAs, either. Huel has all the amino acids you need.

And I’ve added extra pea protein to Huel occasionally. No problems.