Should I be taking a BCAA suppliment?

Hi guys,

I workout at high intensity 5x a week (burning 500-600kcal a session) and have 400kcal Huel for breakfast and lunch, and then a dinner as healthy as I can muster in the evening with a bar here and there (probably average between 1400-1700kcal a day and am a 5ft6" female).

I wonder if I am getting enough BCAA*/magnesium for the heavy strain I am putting my body under from the amount of Huel I have? I am intentionally training at a calorie deficit and feel fine, but I wonder that in the long term I will see less progress/results than if I further supplement.

Any advice greatly appreciated :smile:

*Branch Chain Amino Acids

EDIT: three HIIT cardio/hybrid and two heavy weight days a week

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any thoughts @JamesCollier or @Tim_Huel?

I think the answer to your question is really hidden in the “dinner as healthy as I can muster” - if that is high quality protein matched with steamed veggies then I doubt any supplementation is necessary.

It’s not a lot of food, but it looks like your goal is to lose weight. Like John is correct, it depends on your evening meal. I’d say it’s unlikely that BCAAs would provide benefit.


Yeah @JamesCollier my goal is fat loss so I am prioritising protein to sustain muscle mass, using Huel Black has been a big help! @JohnR dinner this week has typically been roasted broccoli and protein in the form of lentils/chickpeas (I am vegan) and a grain or complex carb

Thanks both for the insight, I’ll not bother for now :slight_smile:

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