BCAA's and crayatine

I know huels gone on about selling for the normal person and not wanting to be a sports supplement.
But I was wondering if you’d consider making a sports variation with added BCAA’s and maybe added crayatine?
It just seems as if there would be a larger market for something like that than a gluten free version.

You never know in the future. However, Huel is already rich in BCAAs that are naturally occuring from the combined protein sources. Also, with creatine, it would be hard to evaluate the amount required: some big guy on 3,500kcals of Huel would be consuming a lot of Huel compared to a 2,000kcal intake and this could cause stomach upset.

However, we’ll give it some thought.

Thanks James.
Does that mean I don’t need to bother with added BCAA’s? Or are they something you can’t really get enough of?

I’m not a huge fan of additional BCAAs, to be honest. There are studies suggesting more have aided muscle growth, but these studies were done on lower protein intakes.

If you want to supplement with creatine, just use 5g of monohydrate per day.