Terrible acid reflux / burning sensation

Hi there,

I’ve been on 3 x scoops twice a day for the last six weeks and can’t seem to shake the absolutely dreadful acidic burning sensation I get in my throat and stomach approximately an hour after having my breakfast huel. The sensation stays with me all day, through my lunchtime huel, and doesn’t fade until I have my dinner. It is incredibly unpleasant and uncomfortable.

I’ve tried adding bicarb to the mix but it doesn’t seem to make enough difference to warrant the unpleasant salty taste it leaves, so would rather avoid using it if possible,

Oddly, my partner has also been using huel and doesn’t seem to have any issues with this - only me, and it wasn’t something that cropped for me up until after two weeks on my new huel regime. It also isn’t something I have ever suffered with in the past.

Have seen a couple other threads with people sharing their reflux symptoms but haven’t seen any answers as to why some of us are experiencing this seriously unpleasant side effect?

I love the huel ethos and am keen to stick to it and spread the word but making my huels in the morning is starting to fill me with dread and i don’t think I can carry on much longer without a solution that isn’t adding something that ruins the taste to the mix. I hoped that the huel would help me lead a healthier and happier lifestyle but it is currently doing completely the opposite.

I don’t want to give up so if anyone can shed some light on why this is happening and what other solutions are out there (other than bicarb or buying shares in Rennies) I would be incredibly grateful!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey there, acid reflux is a really difficult one and isn’t something we can give a definitive answer on. As you’ve said, some experience it and some don’t. What we recommend with someone with reflux is to blend well with lots of water, and only small amounts are consumed at one time (max 2 scoops, sipped). Hot beverages are not consumed around the same time as consuming Huel, this is because hot beverages empty from the stomach more slowly than tepid ones.

Thank you so much, let’s try and work this out because we love having you on the team :blush:

Try the above and let us know what you think.