Thank you Huel and team!

I know it sounds melodramatic, but Huel really has changed my life. The convenience and nutritional value of Huel means I’m not longer stuck with the whole rigmarole of conventional food preparation which I detested.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the whole team are so helpful and engaged.

Thank you Huel! Keep it up!

I expect others may feel the same?


Yes. Really impressed. :+1:

Couldn’t manage without my Huel

Where can I get some of this icing?

I’ll add to this…

Both a family member and I have nothing but praise for Huel’s customer service. I’ve criticised Huel over a lack of new products recently here in the UK, but one things for sure - their customer service is second to none.

A family member recently had an issue with a delivery and hoenstly Huel’s response was superb. I’d easily put Huel in top 3 of all-time best customer service I’ve ever experienced. So that’s something.