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Has anyone found a ‘dust-buster’ (sorry that particular brand is probably from the 80s!) ie a hand-held mini vacuum that actually works?
I’ve bought three different brands in the last five years and they are all pants.
A little mini vacuum to hoover up Huel spills would save me having to lug the full size one out of the shed and all the way up my stairs just to clean up all the Huel powder I seem to spill on every surface every time I make myself a shake!

p.s. is it just me? being messy? or does everyone find powder everywhere post-shake-making, no matther how careful they are?


Not me…


Only when opening a new bag. There’s powder in the seal, it seems.


True. I read it on wiki:


I get very little powder spillage…so far anyway. My old (Dyson D16) handheld is great for picking up bits.


I generally don’t make much mess anymore. I empty a pouch into a cereal container and use a spoon to get it out. I’m quite good now at emptying the pouch into said container without making much mess. I think one of the tricks I use is to scissor off the top just under the seal, thus avoiding the Huel in the seal from flicking out.


Me too though I cut further down the bag. Invert cereal container over the bag then carefully turn the whole thing over.


I found that the powder is a little jumpy sometimes.
Little bits of it just jump of the scoop onto the table :sweat_smile:




Hmmmmm well I’m doing something wrong.
Nope that can’t be it - I must have a faulty scoop.


At least you get a scoop in the UK.


And it’s a f-ing SCANDAL


Only took two and a half years to get it cracked!

All this talk of cutting the pouch below the seal and decanting it is blowing my mind. I’m such a B-team level Hueler.


the title of the thread has changed.
censorship alive and well on the huel forum?


nah we just got bored of politics the hoover topic was way more interesting


I also reeeeeeeeally liked @Ian42 's gif of the old dude trying to start the vacuum like an old lawn mower. Had me in stitches. More of that please!


Oh grow up and have some fun…


Just to be clear, regular members can change the title of this and any post on the forum. So this isn’t censorship from the ‘man’, it’s the ‘people’ saying enough is enough with Brexit, give it a rest already. This place is my safe space which I am entitled to as a millennial


This just keeps me laughing, time and time again :joy:


No censorship here. But it seems people are growing tired of this thread.

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