Orders 3rd lot of Huel today with toffee powder and mocha and my bars and this time I’m going to incorporate it with my fitness pal as regards calories … I do enough training with running and cross fit so this way I’m sure to see a even more changes :blush:

Thanks guys it’s good to know I’m putting quality nutrition inside me with no hassle :+1:t2:


Very much like me :slight_smile: !!!
Just started a month test - almost a week in now - 16:8 diet + huel + crossfit. Feeling positive :smiley:
Keep us posted!

Hi Michal

What is 16:8? And do u get hungry?

What is your goal and how do u incorporate Huel in your day?

As I say I’m starting today to track on my fitness pal as I’m definitely going wrong somewhere ( think it was excess nuts etc… instead of protein as a snack…


Hi Kitten 17,
I am writing about my (hopefully) progress in experiences section:

Intemitted diet (16:8) plus crossfit plus Huel - 30 days

Hunger wise - very manageable, there is no much “suffering”. I am giving it 30 days - posting picture and measurements every Sunday.

16:8 diet - you eat only 8 hours during your day. You choose which 8 hours suit you best. For me, it is 11 am - 6 pm. Just google it up - plenty of articles around.

My fitness pal - eye opener… and it works!

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Thanks Michal

Just read your “blog” and your day sounding like mine with regards training and that’s the way I want to use huel…so… my delivery coming in an hour and I ordered bars :grinning:… they are fab for on the goal!!

All this talk definitely motivating :grinning::grinning:

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