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3rd/4th month on Huel and I have found it takes a while to adjust what your body needs for the activity you do…

Like today I ran 4 miles then did my hour cross fit ( I was fittest in class energy bubbling over). However I think my body now getting used to getting full with my 3 x scoop of breakfast Huel…( mocha is GORGEOUS!!!)

then if needed I have a handful of fish or chicken pieces mid morning Huel at lunch and then a Huel bar/apple afternoon and tonight I made pancakes using Huel topped with greek yogurt and meridan peanut butter! ( put some of the toffee flavour pouch in my yogurt :ok_hand:

So today I have proved I can be satisfied and if I continue I will continue seeing the results in my body composition. Infact I feel it is perfect nutrition for a cross fitter!!!

K xxx


well done you!
I really like Huel as a post - crossfit - workout drink; I believe it gives me optimal recovery.

As for pancakes, try this one:
1 x banana
2x eggs
1x scoop of vanilla huel

Blitz everything in a blender. Fry on coconut oil. Sprinkle with cinnamon and raising… Love them!

Sounds quite dry! Did you forget to add the milk?

Thanks for the feedback both of you. Huel is definitely the perfect meal after intense exercise!

No need for milk :slight_smile: It is not too dry - there is no flour. You can use a little less Huel if you wish to. It makes perfect high protein snack!

Hi Michal

Thanks! Sounds FAB!!

I have all those ingredients so I think this will be fore my tea tonight :grinning:

Up to now I have had 3x scoops Huel, small portion calamari, was feeling a bit whoozy ha so had half a Huel bar with some coconut oil on (mmmmm)… i have done 4 mile run and hour cross fit so i am hungry :hushed: I am drinking lots of water!!

Then about 12.30 will have Huel and maybe fruit mid afternoon then this pancake :heart_eyes:

Do you think I am eating enough (5ft 9 weight 74kg really want to get down to 69kg)…however as you said yesterday scales are rubbish and go off body composition…

Love having this forum by the way :smiley:


In my case, MyFitnessPal was a key to stay on the top of calories:

  • log in all food for one week - eat as always.
  • cut 200 - 400 calories /day.
  • after a week or two, have a look at your pictures. Good change, bad change…?

adjust calories.
Takes time, but it is worth it!

Yes I have ‘my net diary’ but by the time I have inputted my Huel not much calories left ha ( thats losing 2lbs a week) but will try again…

Also just thought of another idea for panacake… Vanilla Huel but put a tea spoonful of flavoured pouch in it so you could have a mocha or toffee flavour pancake :smile:

K :slight_smile:

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Also I just adjusted the weekly rate at which I plan to lose weight. I think 2lbs was unrealistic so moved to it 1.5 lbs a week.

It is certainly more attainable now and can fit my Huel :thumbsup:


and just realized that I don’t have to stick to the measurements that we are given we can measure we feel fits our plan just use scales, cant believe I only just realized ha :roll_eyes:

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