Intemitted diet (16:8) plus crossfit plus Huel - 30 days - FINISHED!

I’m male, 38, 82.5 kg, 180cm, 23% fat. Measurements were taken on a home scale, so not sure how accurate they are.

Started Huel 2 months ago (2 times a day 3 scoops) to compliment my diet.
Started Crossfit 3 months ago, well, to get fitter.
Now I’m adding intermitted diet (1 day ago).

I will be updating my progress or regress every few days; plus pictures will be taken every Sunday morning.

To be honest I’m creating this topic to keep myself motivated. If it will encourage somebody else to move more - great!

The first day, (Thursday) wend without a drama. 2x 3 scoop of Huel, wholemeal wraps with chicken and salad. Activities: CrossFit.

So… at the moment I am on the day 2 (Friday).

Last meal was yesterday at 5 pm, feeling good and drinking a lot of water. Next meal will be at 11 am - vanilla huel :slight_smile:


Good luck! Are your goals weight loss related?

Thank you JCW!

It’s nor really about my weight - it is all about body composition… For some reason (well, not eating properly) i cannot loose my body fat… :frowning: Hence I decided to go one month “full on” - exercising hard plus hueling plus 16:8 diet.

Thank you again!
I keep on updating at least once a week.

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Let us know how you get on.

Friday. Day 2.
Busy day at work, no gymming.
Intermitted diet - accomplished.
Food: 3 scoops of Huel, baked salmon, cottage cheese, 3 scoops of Huel.
Calories: 1610
Attitude: positive.

Saturday. Day 3.
Intermitten diet plus weekend… Well, not too good together :frowning: (Had a late dinner out with wife)
Food: Chicken bacon salad, 3 scoops of Huel, steak tartar, tuna steak with salad, cheese, port, some bread.
Calories: 2100
Attitiude: positive.

Sunday. Day 4 picture and measurements:
81.8 kg, 23.1% fat. all taken first thing in the morning.

Ready for the week ahead!


And the weekend is over.
Went for a nice run on Sunday morning, just to burn some calories before afternoon’s barbecue. Lean meat, salad, and water followed by… ice creams :smiley: Just over 2300 calories, minus 500 burnt during running still leaves under my limit. No huel today, just meat and salad. Hot weather resulted in liters od drank water. Still feeling positive for the week ahead.


Monday. Day 5.
Activities: Crossfit.
Intermitted diet: no problems.
Food: 2x 3 scoops of Huel, cured beef with two rolls, ice creams (blame the weather!)
Calories: 1758.
Attitude: too hot to be happy…

Tuesday. Day 6.
Activities: Crossfit.
Intermitted diet: absolutely
Food: 2x 3 scoops of Huel, wholemeal tortilla with meridian peanut butter and jam, cottage cheese, ice creams…, well it is still hot!
Calories: 2077
Atttude: very positive. 16:8 diet seems to be getting easier.


Wednesday. Day 7.
Activities: Crossfit.
Keeping up with diet.
Food: 2 x 3 scoops of Huel, Sweet Potatoe Fries, Beef Medalion Steaks, ice creams…
Calories: 2199
Attitude: Feeling hungry in the morning, more than usual.

Thursday: Day 8.
Lazy Day.
Diet no problems
Food: 2 x 3 scoop huel, Tuna chunks with pesto and salad, wholemeal tortilla wrap with fajita pulled chicken. No ice creams!
Attitude: weather improved, feeling is good, trousers seem to be a bit bigger :slight_smile:

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This is fab… it’s definitely motivating me!

A lot of the diet side boils down to habits like eating nuts as soon as I walk through the door at home or comfort eating … today I had my huel lunch chicken small bit of pasta ( as trained this morning) and kale… tonight huel … it’s training the mind as much as the body and realising as humans we can survive on much less then we think… the bars I only need half and so less calories…

But Ye I’m pumped and awaiting to see where this month takes me with my running and cross fit and keeping consistent with huel and food!!

The fab thing about huel the hard wrk of figuring out calories is done!

I’m going to Vancouver in 11 weeks so total goal there :pray::pray::pray:

Let’s do this :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::grinning:

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Friday. Day 9.
Activities: Crossfit.
16:8 was hard work today. Feeling hungry, but still managed.
Food: 1x 3 scoops of Huel, wholemeal tortilla wrap with humous and chicken breast, banana protein pancakes (2 mashed bananas, 3 eggs, 25g of whey protein, cinnamon - yam!), a pear, an orange, soya chocolate milk.
Calories: 1635
Attitude: I felt not power during crossfit. Little worried about it.

Saturday. Day 10.
Activities: Crossfit.
16:8 was OK.
Food: 1 x 3 scoops of Huel, Beef Stroganoff (yes, cooked it from scratch myself!), 2 ciabatta rolls, ice creams (because I am a week, week man…), 2 protein bars.

Picture - Day 11 picture and measurements.
80.7 kg, 22.4 % fat, taken first thing in the morning.

Feeling VERY exited and ready for the week ahead!!!

Nice post!

Keep it up. Have you ever tried Insanity? It’s like circuit training, and all done without any equipment. If you stick with your diet, and do insanity, you will smash your target in no time.

Thank you!

No, I have not tried Insanity. I tend to work out better in a group - hence crossfit. Despite having pretty bad reputation for injuries and non competent coaches, crossif gym I attend to is really good. Instructors are really good and knowledgeable so I think I stick with crossfit.
Nevertheless, thank you for your suggestion!

Sunday.Day 11.
Activities: big fat nothing :smiley:
16:8 no problem.
Food: 1 x 3 scoops of Huel, beef stroganoff with jacket potatoe, a pear, houmous, two rolls, nairins choc choc biscuits, low fat cottage cheese.
Calories: 1913
Attitude: positive

Monday. day 12.
Activities: crossfit.
16:8 no problems
Food: 2 x 3 scoops of Huel, tortilla wram with houmus and fish fillet, nairins choc choc biscuits with swedish glace ice creams.
calories: 2165
Attitude: Ate too much and feeling heavy :frowning:

Tuesday. day 13.
activities: crossfit.
16:8 no problems
Food: 2 x3 scoops of huel, fish and chips (oven), a pear, an apple, raisins, low fat cottage cheese.
attitude: positive. Trying to get more calories and train harder. It seems loosing weight is easy, Loosing weight and keeping muscles is harder. But I believe doable! :weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_man:


Hi Michal,

So I still have hunger issues…

I have 3 scoops Huel at 8am but by 10.30am I am hungry. I usually choose some fish or turkey to tide me over til my lunch Huel but end up hungry at 3pm so again i have protein or Huel bar. for tea either LARGE salad or Huel. I am worried that over all i am consuming too many calories, however i do run and do cross fit most days so i know i need the energy. i dont however want to gain weight or maintain as i want to lose (5ft 9 weight 74kg I want to be at LEAST 69kg)…

Wonder if any one else does have any tips also :open_mouth:

Over all (since starting cross fit 2 months ago and Huel 3 months ago) i do see body changes in a GOOD way).
K xx

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Just to add I do drink up to 3 litres water per day!


How about if you try to skip 8am Huel and start at 10.30 Huel instead?
If you had nothing to eat in the morning (tea, black coffee or water only) your body will dig for energy into your fat reserves. That is what I’m doing at the moment - I eat the first meal at 11 am and last at 7 pm. Only quality food (at least trying…) and Huel. Seems to be working for me. High protein low carbs good fats. and training hard.
People around me noticed changes without asking and my wife is saying that’s enough is enough so overall I am pretty pleased. I do tend to be a bit hungry in the morning but green tea or black coffee seems to ease cravings.
I’m giving these 16:8 diet one month, I’m half way through, and then I decide if it’s worth anything or not.



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Hi Michal,

Yes OK this sounds a plan and looks like it will stop overall hunger…

I do workout in mornings so that curbs appetite and always make sure I fill on water first…

Yes I could possibly try this …will give it a go from tomorrow but will stop food by 7pm tonight… (nights are the worst time some reason the sweet monster comes out:disappointed: But like you I have the determination to do this!!

Thank you

Lets go!!

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Wednesday. Day 14.
Activities: crossfit.
16:8 struggle.
Food: 2x3 scoops of Huel, pork loin, hard boiled eggs x2, beef medallions with tortilla wrap.
Calories: 1517.
Attitude: hungry in the morning, happy in the afternoon.

Thursday. Day 15.
Activities: bif fat nothing :slight_smile:
Diet: not good not bad.
Food: 2x3 scoops of Huel, piri piri chicken fillets, avocado, wholemeal wrap, coconut and peanut butter (meridian), a pear and a peach.
Calories: 1930
Attitude: good day. Feeling full up.

Friday. Day 16.
Activities: crossfit.
Diet: fantastic.
Food: 7 scoops of Huel, fried chicken breast with sweet potatoes, mini cheddars original (25g), soya chocolate milk.
Calories: 1975
Attitude: Very good.

Had a test with my bathroom scale today considering body fat. Conclusions: it is all rubbish. Took one reading and wrote it down. then I took a pile of cloaths, 3 kg of them to be precise. Yes, my body weight was up by 3 kg. But my body fat suddenly was up by 2% !!! So yeas, I believe this body fat measuring by electric current is one big lie. Scales are only guessing it calculating age and weight.

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Saturday. Day 17.
Activities: Crossfit.
Diet: no problems.
Food: 3 scoops of Huel, chicken breast with veggies, soy chocolate milk, raisins, jacob’s mini cheddars, protein bar.
Calories: 1914
Attitude: seems like I don’t have enough power during crossfit.

Sunday: Day 18.
Activities: long day with friends in London. Plenty of walking.
Diet: hungry all day, eating all day.
Food: tortilla wrap with peanut butter and raisins, 2 scoops of huel, nuts in dark chocolate, chicken curry with rice, mango jaffa cakes, mango sorbet… what can I say… I loved it :smiley:
Attitude: Getting weaker at crossfit so thinking of adding more calories a day. (quality calories).

Picture and measurements:
Weight: 80.3 kg, Body Fat 22.2 %

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Well done fella! Just goes to show what can be done if you stay focused!