Hi all,

So after a conversation with my crossfit coach (I have been consistently crossfitting for around 3 months now) he says for what training do I need to eat more :hushed:

So he gave me this to follow based on my weight 73kg (ideally want to be 69kg) and height 175cm.

200g carbs
160g protein
70g fats

40% Carbs
33% protein
27% Fat
In other words around 2070 cals per day ( prob reduce on rest days)

For me ( and my love/hate relationship with food) is a lot and I fear i will put on weight …(I know I won’t as I know I need to fuel training).

So with regards Huel Im still going to have 1 scoop pre workout and 2 after but like today I had also 2 scrambled eggs and a wholemeal pitta.

So I am still incorporating Huel as I still think it provides me with goodness I wouldnt normally get in my diet due to my busy lifestyle. I have healthy meals also but having these extra calories to eat is weird but he says it will get me the physique I want but most importantly will enhance my workout performance.

I dont think I could just have Huel on its own as I would feel weak and hungry but I think for me its going to be a healthy addition.

Anyone have the same predicament?


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Hi Kitten17. I hate Gyms and I hate all this ‘cross fit’ stuff. Fitness regimes come and go depending upon what is fashionable at the time! You can become a fitness instructor in just a couple of weekends - ending up with a qualification that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on! I am 50 years old and cycle to school every day (30 mile round trip). I run twice during the week and at the weekends with my wife (between 20-30 miles in total). Both my wife and I are incredibly fit (cardiovascular fitness). We are both slim and have an athletic build. My advice to you is to stay out of the gym. Join a running club or buy a bike and join a cycle club. You will NEVER put on weight when your activities are mainly cardiovascular.
So away you go and get fit with running and cycling. Do your Huel and eat whatever else you want besides. Success guaranteed!!!

Hi there, I’ve just joined the Huel community but I’ve had a fair few years of strength and conditioning training under my belt (CF included)…

Your coach is right - and tbh 2070 kcal is not a lot at all. Yes your a female but what you need to understand is by upping the calorific intake (and staying well away from your body’s ‘survival’ threshold), your metabolism will naturally increase. Plus with the varied training which CF offers will deliver what you are after, replacing body fat for lean muscle

My advice is eat well (clean and abundantly), track your calories and train hard. Do not starve yourself of calories, it will only lead to atrophy and make it harder to shift body fat.

Finally, I’m not too sure what Tintin67 is on about. There are many crossfit bashers out there, most of them do not understand the basics of functional strength and conditioning training (regardless of what label it is under) and so ignorance leads to blasé statements. Yes he is right in saying ‘you will NEVER put on weight when your activities are mainly cardiovascular’ but we also know that you will NEVER gain any useful, functional strength running and riding bikes, certainly not upper body.

Was any of that useful or did I just respond in an attempt to defend the faith?!

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Hi Tintin67 and Matty14…

Firstly I respect both of your responses :slightly_smiling_face:

Tintin67- I respect your love of cardio ( I used to be a cardio bunny) and yes I lost weight (But my eating was very erratic)… I guess it goes back to what you enjoy and if cross fit not for you then it is not for you.

Personally for me I love it. It is challenging mentally and physically and is helping me rebuild my love/hate relationship with food ( hence my original question) Seeing cross fitters bodies and how strong and toned they look gives me motivation and inspiration and although I am only 3 months in I can see my body shape changing. Weight lifting is very beneficial for bone density especially in women and this is very important. Plus the support from other cross fitters as you train in each session is fab. So for me it works. I do run few times a week 5 miles at most just to maintain some cardio but in the CF classes we do cardio too :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Matty14-yes you have echoed the words of my coach (clean and abundantly) but its THAT I need to change my mentality around as in the ‘fear’ of getting fat!!:slightly_smiling_face:

Your response very useful and you are exaclty right CF aims to improve OVERALL fitness and as I said mentally and physically its challenging and I think I am addicted haha! I absolutely love it.

I am sure once my body adjusts to this type of eating pattern, I will see results! As he says its not a temporary fix its a lifestyle change :grinning:

Thanks guys x

Hi Matty. My original response was said with a smile on my face. I was being flippant to some degree…my wife is a PF Trainer!!! But my main point is that so many people worry themselves to death about the technicalities of training regime and dietary needs. I’ve met loads of MISERABLE fitness fanatics who read too much info in fitness magazines, and listen to too many experts. I love my running and cycling, and I do it with a smile on my face: ironically I also suffer very few injuries in comparison to my friends who do so many sessions of strange fitness ‘stuff’ that is alien to an old fart like me!

Physical exercise should be fun. Some friends of mine run every Saturday in the Yorkshire Dales - they run from one pub to the next - each pub = one half pint. They do 3 pubs. They all run 30 to 50 miles a week, and they are all in their early 60s - they all regularly beat athletes half their age within fell races. Aim for fun all the time.

Kitten17, I believe, is a wonderfully committed person but I can feel her frustration! But at the end of the day: do what makes you happy! ‘happy’ being the important value within your lifestyle.

Hi Kitten17. My original response was a bit flippant maybe?
My point however is that you should not worry about what you eat. I eat anything I want and that makes me happy. My cycling and running burns so many calories that I never put on weight: without the excessive cardio, I would put on weight definitely! Having a love hate relationship with food is a mental health issue - I teach kids with mental health issues - we are a specialist provision for students who cannot function within main-stream schooling.

You need to be happy with yourself and your health. You are conforming to a desired look that you wish to attain: it might well be that your body might not have the natural physiology that you are trying so hard to attain - and it seems to be making you unhappy - your post has subtext that maybe you don’t recognise within yourself.

I could never be a body builder as I don’t have the physiology - fortunately I love my cycling and running - I have a slight physique with lends itself to my chosen sports. Use sport to be happy. Be happy. Don’t be someone who uses sport to BECOME happy as this is often an aim that never becomes fulfilled. Fitness is a way of life, not a destination to arrive at in the far off future!

I honestly wish you well with your journey. x

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