Time to turn my life around with Huel

Join me on a quest to take back my health with Huel.

Huel was first introduced to me by a colleague back in 2015 and ever since I’ve been using it very on and off. I would like to say that this is pattern of using it is down to me and what priorities I’ve been putting first these past few years (not my health that’s for sure).

Me & My Health

Apart from being Vegan for ethical reasons, I’m not at all healthy. Since going vegan little over a year ago I’ve taken over as the president of the ‘Junk Food Vegan’ club. Packets of Oreo’s & Biscoff unfortunately don’t lead to eternal life (sorry to break it to you).

My health has suffered massively over the past few years and it’s about time i addressed it. Long gone are the days of running 100 km a month and eating healthily. I blame the constant stress, work and time constraints that I’ve endured to get where i am. I doubt that i could even run 2 km without getting out of breathe now.

Last night i was scouring the internet looking a healthy vegan meal preps and whole food meal recipes. I ended my search after a few hours thinking about all the effort and ingredients needed. That’s when i thought, Huel saved me last time, can it do it again?!?

I’ve ordered the Black Edition version of Huel this time in both the Vanilla & Chocolate flavours, it’ll be interesting to see how they compare to the old v2.3 that i loved (though v3.0 is out now, still not tried it). The Black Edition has 50% less carbs than the standard version as well as 33% more protein. I feel like this will work better for me in the long run, though taste will also be a consideration also.

I’m currently sat here today writing this article at 171.6 lbs with my goal set to slim down to a modest 140 lbs. So there we are, 31.6 lbs to lose, that’s my goal.

My Health with Huel Plan

My plan for this first week starting on Monday (tomorrow) is to gently get the Huel back into my system by replacing only 1 meal a day. I highly recommend this to anyone just starting as it usually takes a week for your body to adjust (queue the constant farting). I will be replacing my lunch at work for this first week. It should make a difference considering that my daily lunch was whatever i picked up from Tesco, be it a packet of biscuits or a multi-pack of crisps.

After a few weeks i’m sure i’ll be introducing some light exercise into my goals, mostly running, but let’s take one set at a time.

I will be updating you all each week going forward with my progress, ending with the following format:

Starting Weight: 171.6 lbs

Current Weight: 171.6 lbs

Weekly Weight Loss: TBC

Total Weight Loss: TBC

Please wish me luck, I really need it.


Good luck! But I am not sure if Black Huel instead of standard is the best option for weight loss.

I am curious about that, maybe some Huel staff can clarify this

There was a discussion a few months ago but they just said “different customers have different needs”. Cowards!

Black may be better because the extra protein helps reduce muscle loss while dieting.

Mmm interesting, it makes sense.

Btw, have you tried Black? I havent yet and I am not sure if it would be interesting for me

No, not yet. I intend to, but it costs a little more and I always think “next time”.


This! My thoughts where that i am 100% going to start doing regular exercise after a few weeks or so, increasing my intensity as i go.

I used one of those ‘boditrax’ machines to scan my body composition and pretty much ALL of my fat is visceral ‘belly fat’ which isnt good. Once that starts to get battered down i plan to gain some muscle.

Day 1 starts at lunchtime today, wish me luck! :smiley:

My tips:

  • Use salt in Huel to reduce the cravings for salty foods.

  • Use more water in the ratio to fill you more at the beginning of the meal, the stomach will feel more filled despite the calorie intake is the same.

  • Eat something “normal” before taking the Huel like a couple of wallnuts, almonds or similar to make your mouth starting to chew things and “activate” the eating brain mode with the saliva and so on.

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I feel for you Pal - my Huel diet starts tomorrow. A combination of lockdown, medical finals and having parents who are extreme feeders hasn’t done me any favours. Putting jeans on yesterday was a nasty shock. Best of luck to you, I’ll see you on the other side.

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I wish you the best of luck matey! :slight_smile: Keep us updated with your progress!

Never thought of adding salt to help with this…I’ll try one day!

Has anyone here made the pancakes yet? I have, they are great!

UPDATE: The Black Edition Huel taste’s FINEEEEE to me as a previous user of Standard v2.3 :slight_smile:

Also making a conscious effort to drink enough/more water now as well as I’ve never been any good at this.

Update time! It’s my first week in and I seem to have lost some weight (maybe beginners luck). But so far I’ve only replaced my main ‘issue meal’ at work with Huel and introduced a healthier breakfast of overnight oats made with soy milk to give me that morning boost.

I did however manage to go for 3 walks after my dinner in the evening at home totalling 22.43 km according to Strava.

Mentally i’m not able to introduce running back into my life just yet, maybe a few weeks?

The hardest part about this first week was the 2nd to 5th days, i was light headed and feeling awful, but from cutting out most of my sugar intake this is expected, as I’m starting to feel MUCH better now.

My plan for this week ahead is to carry on doing the same, do a few walks and keep increasing my water intake. Also I must add that laying off the snacks during the day will now be a lot easier for me considering the weight I’ve lost as I want this to continue.

My results from week one are:

Starting Weight: 171.6 lbs

Current Weight: 164.6 lbs

Weekly Weight Loss: 7 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 7lbs