Travel lessons learned

Here are some travel tips I have learned using Huel for 6 months. Hope this helps.


  • 1 bag Huel powder(lasts 12 days)
  • 2 Bars/day
  • 2 fruit/day(Apples+Clementine are best)
  • 1 Bag HS, if over 7 days
  • Huel coffee/tea mug
  • Huel shaker
  • Gas-x capsules for bloat and gas


  • A shake for breakfast and dinner help me during the day and sleeping
  • 1 Banana pre workout + 1 scoop/ 250mil water Huel powder post workout
  • Largest meal is lunchtime
  • Salad and Huel shake for dinner is a good combo
  • Bars are best with coffee/tea
  • Us the coffee/tea cup to reduce waste at hotels
  • After cleaning shaker place the cap in the shaker and screw the top on. This helps dry it and prevent bacteria buildup
  • Rinse shaker with hot water after each use
  • If refrigerator is available make Breakfast shake the night before
  • Use insulated travel mug for HS meals
  • 12 min soak is best for HS meals


Be Well and Kind



1 bag Huel powder(lasts 12 days)

How is this possible? 1 bag is 17 meals (if you’re ok with 400kcal meal), 17 meals in 12 days means just 1 and a half on 10 days, and 2 in the last two ones :thinking:

Some days I just have 1 Huel shake, also if I fly somewhere that day is often a non Huel day. The 12 days is a average of all my 10+ day trips. Your math is correct its simply my observations during travel.

You should have mention that it’s not for being on a 100% huel :slight_smile:

Nice rundown! Thank you for taking us with you on your travels!

:point_up: this - such an essential tip. No matter how well you have cleaned your shaker if you leave the cap on it will always smell if you have the cap on.

Great tips. Thanks @Huel4Bill!

I’m a mich lighter traveller (but then not exclusively Huel while I’m away). I travel with 10-12 scoops in a (doubled) ziplock with a scoop and then just a shaker. I’ve tried travel blenders in the past but honestly so long as you follow the counterintuitive advice to put the water in first, not overfill etc then you’re golden. I always try to find ice wherever I am which vastly improves the experience for me.

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