Treadmill run after drinking Huel

How soon can you do a treadmill run after drinking Huel ? Thanks

Same as you’d normally wait to go for a run after drinking/eating something.

I can happily chug away whilst running, but YMMV :slight_smile:

From my experience using Huel as a pre-workout meal I would say a minimum of 1 hour but you need to experiment yourself and see what works.

Weird, I use Huel as a pre-workout because it allows me to work as much as I want practically immediately :slight_smile:

Great question! I would echo what everyone has already said in that it can be super individualized. For some, they need to wait a couple hours after eating before going for a run while others are good to go within 30-45 minutes.

For me personally, my preference is about 45 minutes if I am having a full serving, but it took some what I like to call “nutritional tinkering” to figure it out. I tried a bit longer and right away and then did a bit of experimenting in between.

How long do you typically wait after consuming food to run?

The thing for me is that since I’m not actually eating (so, no actual solids in my stomach, only liquids) it takes way less for my body to not feel it while working out

I usually have at least 200kcal of Huel before a run and leave like 15 mins after, for me it doesn’t cause any issues and is enough energy that I don’t feel bad at all on the run. 400kcal is too much for me.


Zero issues with a 400kcal powder Huel right before jumping on the treadmill.
In fact, I have improved my running endurance immensely since I replaced breakfast and dinner with Huel.

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