Triathletes - How have you been getting on?

I’m currently training for my first triathlon (just a sprint cos I don’t trust myself swimming a long way just yet), I’m normally just a runner, I’m clocking up around 100-150 miles a month at the moment, but with a marathon done and an ultra on the cards in September, I’m looking for a new challenge…my ultimate goal is to get to do an Ironman in 2 or 3 years.

I currently use Huel mostly for breakfast and lunch, but I do get cravings for cheese and onion crisps from time to time and just a craving for something to chew…

I’m wondering how the triathletes and other endurance enthusiasts among the community have been getting on with Huel, if you use it while competing and what quantities you’ve been consuming it in daily and your pre-race routine with it?

I have earmarked a half Ironman for next year, so I’m prepared to go all in.

Let me know how you’re getting on and how long you’ve been on the journey for…



There is this thread - Huel for ultra marathon running?

I’ve done an Ironman distance Tri but that was before I started with Huel. Nutrition was probably the biggest thing I figure I need to improve on to progress. Both in terms of general health and race day nutrition. My feeling is that Huel helps a lot with the former and not so much for the later. For me it has too much fibre for a long distance triathlon. But I’m totally sold on this sort of food so I think I’ll try some sort of DIY, high carb, version for race day.

As an example I eat whole grains and the only time I’d eat a plain white bagel or plain white pasta would be carbo loading. Huel is more like the everyday, healthy, high fibre food. But then carbo loading I’d want something else.

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