Tried ready to go, worried for powder

So I used huel when it first came about. I had it for 6 months or so. I played with adding things and never really got to pile it or if I did it was basically by adding a milkshake defying the point.
So I’ve left it a few years and got interested again. I’ve just tried the chocolate and vanilla ready to go drinks which I loved.
So how far off the mark is the powder now? Can I expect similar experience with the powder to the ready to go?
I only used the non sweetened version when I first was with huel, not sure I tried vanilla and they didn’t have chocolate.
Any experience comparing ready togo to
powder your input would be greatly received. Thanks.

If you only tried the unsweetened one in the past maybe that’s why you didn’t continue. Vanilla all the way for me

I had an initial tester pack of vanilla but the after taste was too much, this was the first version. Having tried the new version in ready to go form i was impressed. So going to order the Vanilla this time.

Vanilla Huel arrived, made a batch with 200ml of water per scoop. Blended in a smoothie maker… its so much better then i ever had it before. Not quite as nice as the ready to go imo, but damn im looking forward to having it way more then i ever thought possible last time i had huel.


This is really great to hear! Welcome back to the forum too, 5 years apparently since you’re last post - wow! If you had Huel as a tester pack then this was way back with v1.2 or earlier. We’ve have a lot of changes to the flavour of Vanilla, many based on what you’ve just said :point_down:

So glad to hear that you’re preferring Huel now! Stick around and let us know how you get along!

Definetly prefered to the early versions. Much less of a sweetener taste to it. Maybe helps that ive cut sugar from my diet entirely over the last few weeks before moving onto huel.
Going well so far on erm day two. Will be interesting when i get back to work seeing how to go about using huel for dinner and as a snack through the day. Rather then delving into biscuits and sweets, thinking oh having two huel drinks ready one for dinner and the other to take a drink whenever i feel a snack is due. At least ill know how many calories ive had at work.
Going to add choclate next time i order see how it compares to the ready to go.
Thanks for commenting and having a look