Trying to figure the maths?

Hi guys.
Used to be fit and slim beach bum livin off fish and beer. Spear fishin and surfin all day.
One thing lead to another and im now a fat single dad that doesnt get in the water anywhere near enough. Tryed a few routes to nail gettin fat but nout seems to have worked.

My daughters 2 so tho i dont do much in the way of specific exercise i do spend all day every day charging around after her. Thats part of the issue as after she goes to sleep i binge on cheese sandwiches and the odd tinny then crash out. Huel seems like its worth ago so some is in the post.

My weight (i am somewhat astonished to see) has smashed up to 100kgs and im runnin out o jeans! From lookin at previous posts i wrekon at aiming for 1850 cal a day so 4x100g shakes with an optional 50 once i give it a bit to settle in? Happy to go 100%. Naturally i have a slug of a metabolism and usually if left to my own devices eat 1 meal a day. Eating 3 with the kid has definitly contributed. Does that sound realistic? Im 6’4" ish.

Suck it and see i guess. Seems positive tho. Any pointers much appreciated. My daughter likes to try anything i eat so i guess a small amount isnt going to do her any harm? Obviously not replacing her meals mind.