Type 1 diabetes and weight loss

Hi all. My first post and apologies if its repeating things. I have type 1 diabetes and would like to lose around a stone - ive also started couch to 5k as a form of exercise. I count carbs, but like to keep these low (ive slipped recently!), and generally im in blood glucose range 75% of the time (i dont put too much pressure on my self to achieve 100% everyday).

My main question is to see if someone can recommend a pack or starter pack to me and give me some benefits of different ones?

This post although a little old has some pretty comprehensive info. and so still relevant.

Huel is suitable for type 1 and type 2. Carbs are complex.

So flavours to try are up to you as that’s the most difficult thing as different people have different preferences

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Hi @Joel3

Welcome to Huel!

If you prefer to keep carbs low, it sounds like Huel Black Edition might be the one for you initially. You could start by having one serving as one of your meals and see how you get on.

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As has been said, you will need to keep your carbs as low as possible so you can take as little insulin as possible as insulin will put weight on you.

I’m type one diabetic and have recently lost nine stones but only by restricting carbs and therefore keeping that insulin as low as possible.

I’d plan to stop every now and again so you can eat what your body needs, because restricting any part of your diet to that degree is probably not recommended. Good luck!