Type 1 diabetic considering Huel

Hi there, I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for a few years now, and I am looking to change my eating habits, with a goal to lose weight and be healthier. I lead a hectic life, so don’t eat regularly. My concerns are if this will aid weight loss, warnings for type 1 diabetics, and how regular I can use this, as well as eating normal meals?

It’s all new to me, so j need it to be a simple transition if it’s worth doing?

I would sayd you will be able to use it. It will help you counting carbohydrates, knowing what you are eating and keeping a healthy lifestyle. I would definitely give Huel a go.

You can use Huel as much as you want, but I will start slow and then ramp up. A simple transition would be:

  1. Buy Huel. Vanilla and Berry and/or Unflavoured.
  2. Replace your Breakfast with Huel.
  3. Track your calories throughout the day and make sure you are in a deficit to lose weight.
  4. Change the other meals for healthier alternatives to what you currently are having or keep’em like you have now.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

From there, you can swap more Huel meals if you feel confortable with Huel. If the flavour starts getting boring after a while, come back and ask for recipies and ideas.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a better life.

Other resources you might find useful:

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I would suggest ‘how regular can I use this, INSTEAD of eating normal meals?’
This would be better for your health perhaps ??

Notes from someone with type 2 diabetes…

I’ve been 100%ing Huel for nearly two years now, lowering my intake to account for my more sedentary lifestyle as my mobility has declined due to peripheral neuropathy. It’s very rare for me to have a plate meal - I moved a year ago and haven’t used either the cooker or the microwave.

Weighing rather than going by the guesswork of a scoop makes it easier to know precisely how much food is there. Remember it’s a replacement for plate food, and that it’s the best possible balance of nutrients for the average person (I say that because a few awkward people like me have nutritional needs which fall outside what’s in Huel). It ends the guesswork of trying to remember the calorie/carb content of individual foods…

If you’re happy with room temperature Huel, you can eat more regularly by bottling a meal and eating on the go.

Weight loss - again the bottle you prepared earlier is useful here, allowing you to graze your meals so you don’t notice that you’re eating a bit less (though exercise helps too).

If you’d prefer a lower carb proportion, there are a couple of recipes at https://uk.huel.com/blogs/news/low-carb-huel-two-hacks . I’ve not tried these yet, but they’re on my “to try” list.

All in all, working out a balanced, diabetes-friendly diet is a damn sight easier with Huel than it is with the vagaries of plate food. Hope it works for you :slight_smile:


if you like it cold and on the go - a vacuum flask / similar will do the trick

I like my Huel like I like my women. In an airtight refrigerator.

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So, my package arrived, I didn’t know if it even ordered as trying to order on my phone was a nitemare at the checkout stage…

It didn’t have the sample flavours packs with it when it came, and I’ve emailed Huel to enquire about this, but the online service is saying I don’t have an account?!? Even though I have a delivery in front of me…
And I’m obviously using the online forum…

No one has messaged me back yet to resolve this issue, what should I do?

Also, for the package that has arrived, if I use 3 scoops, what is the carb count on that? So I can do carb counting to work out how much insulin I need to inject…

About 43 to 45g. For more precise measurements may be better to use scales. I always use scales.

If you emailed over the weekend you’ll need to wait until Monday. The UK Team don’t work over weekends at the moment. They’ll sort out any discrepancies once they’ve got in, had a gossip, had a few coffee breaks and then started work. So I mean, you’ll get an update by Weds…or possibly Thursday morning.



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