Unflavored v3.0 tastes sweet - why?

I’ve now gone through over 32 bags of Huel U/U 3.0 and I can confirm that in v3.0 U/U I can taste a distinct hint of sweetness compared to v2.3, where there was none.

Why is that?

Is it as a result of including tapioca, which is a quickly digestible carbohydrate, that quickly gets converted to sugar when it comes into contact with salivary amylase in the mouth? Or is it some other new component or process in v3.0 that makes it taste sweeter?

Edit: I am not complaining, just wondering.

I did noticed that the UU in 3.0 was more soft or rounded than 2.3 but in a better way.

Could be interesting to know the taste evolution between both 2.3 UU and 3.0 UU.

I had to get used to 2.3 UU and when I was almost used to it, version 3.0 was launched so my opinion is not the best for it.

Any 2.3 UU long term used that tried 3.0 here?

I don’t think its sweeter but perhaps a bit less earthy or a more mellow earthy flavour.

Any chance of input from Huel team? It is a mystery to me.

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Personally, I don’t notice a difference. However, the difference in taste you detect is likely to be the tapioca which has a more neutral flavour than the oats. There is a small amount of naturally occurring sugars <1g per 400kcal serving.