U&U v2.3 vs U&U V. 3.0 differences

Hi everyone,

Would like to ask if anyone who uses mainly Huel U&U, straight or with any combo (oat milk, honey, cocoa, etc), what are the main differences felt when changing from v2.3 to v3.0?
Using it with just water is more palatable and/or smoother?
Need to know before making first v3.0 order.

Thanks in advance.


I posted my thoughts here

Hope that helps!


Many thanks ChristinaT for your valuable opinion.


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Appears like a scientific method however were they shaken in the same way for the same duration?

yes - as James pointed out before, the amounts are tiny (kelp 0.03% and not much more for kombucha powder) so should have little or no impact on taste.

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