V3.0 Much smoother texture

Hey guys and girls,

Been a huel user since v2.0 and while I loved v2.0 I never found it easy to shake to a smooth texture

I got v3.0 in the door today as banana and I love the taste so much! I also noticed doing the same technique as v2.0 the texture seems to be so much smoother.

I’m curious if this is just as lucky batch cause I love this huel so far, curious if anyone else noticed or if it’s just me.

Hi - it has been reformulated and part of that was to improve the smoothness and texture.


Hey Samuel, awesome to hear you’ve got your hands on our new v3.0. Along with a load of changes (which you can read here), improving the texture/smoothness was one of them. So pleased you can tell the difference!


@Tim_Huel I can taste the difference in V3.0 Vanilla but not Coffee for some reason. Coffee is thinner in comparison and has lumps.

AH thanks everyone!

Yes Banana tastes really damn good, I’ve always liked Huel but this banana is something else!
If any one is curious my steps are as follows

  1. 300 ml of Semi-smimmed milk
  2. 3 Scoops (115g*)
  3. shake for 30 seconds, - 10 Seconds left to right side ways, 10 seconds up and down, 10 seconds twisty motion
  4. Add water till nearly full
  5. Repeat step 3

Great texture! with much less shaing than before!

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Thank you!

Long time Hueler here, I took a long break from using Huel, almost a year due to stomach issues. Just had to see if it was Huel that was the cause and I also got tired of Huel overall.

Decided to try Huel again with version 3.0. I’ve only used it for 2 days but both the taste and texture is a lot better than what I remember. So great job there. The new scoop is so much better than the last one too.

Gonna try Huel black for my next order. Keep it up everyone over there at Huel. :slight_smile: