Unflavoured & Unsweetened v3 super grainy

Hey, I’m hoping to get some clarity to Unflavoured version 3.

I recently made the switch from v2.3 to v3 - my normal fix being half of chocolate and half on unflavoured to have some flavour but not too much sweetness. I’ve noticed that the Unflavoured v3 is a lot more grainy than the chocolate v3. Why is this? Was there a change in v3 to make it grainier/more textured (in unflavoured)?

I’m asking as I’m finding v3 less suitable but this is only with the Unflavoured. Is it possible I have a bad batch? If I know Unflavoured v3 is supposed to be more textured, I’ll look for something else. Just finding it a very bizarre and not a positive change! I had no issues with previous versions and always pre-mix, chilling overnight.

Grainy? Can you explain that better?

I have 90% UU and yes its grainy but smooth. Show some pictures or something.

The texture can vary between flavours. For example Chocolate V2.3 used to make me cough because it was grainy.

I have found mine more silty than 2.3, I wouldn’t say grainy though, v1.2 was grainy and I loved it.

The majority of the powder is smooth, like flour. The chocolate flavour is completely smooth and powdery-like both before and after it’s mixed.

The Unflavoured however has something in it that hasn’t been ground into a fine powder. Yes, this was also the case with the previous version but in v3 this is more noticeable. It’s almost like it’s one ingredient that’s there to give texture. The bits make me cough - more so than with previous versions maybe because the powder is otherwise so smooth with the occasional “grain”.

I was searching around trying to find an answer to this as I am completely new to Huel. Just started out with Huel Black Edition - Chocolate and it is terrible. Very grainy. Bought enough for a month as I thought you can’t go wrong with chocolate but it is really not right. Followed the instructions to the letter and I am unable to drink it. Any thoughts?

Have you tried blending it?

It contains insoluble ingredients, I think. Seeds and whatnot, so presume it’ll never be completely smooth like a milkshake.

I mix mine either the night before or in the morning if having for lunch. Then pop it in the fridge to keep cool.
I’m fine with it now so reckon that softens it a bit.

Thank you. I will try both. I went into it a bit blind. I’m used to having smoothies that have a pretty rough texture containing chia seeds etc. but the overall mouthfeel is heavy and thick. So far, the few attempts I have tried, are watery (obviously) with grainy bits. I’m sure it is trial and error. I’ll get there eventually. Thank you again for the help.

I like to make mine ahead of time too and it thickens up and smooths out nicely after a couple of hours in the fridge. Adding a bit more water and giving it a last shake just before drinking is fine if it seems a bit too thick. Makes more to drink that way too. Hope you get it dialled in to your liking Scribbles.