Unfortunately I've had to quit Huel again

I get straight into it:

It’s a great great great idea, powdered food with everything you need in it. I am sure all issues will be resolved in the future and it will work for everyone.

My opinion on why a lot of people ( or so it seems ) get gut issues with it is that most people are not in a perfect life situation or a perfect chemically set up body position in the first place.

Basically huel worked for me if everything else in my diet was working with it. But because I experiment with bad things too then it causes upset with the huel ingredients.

It’s too healthy for me, there are ingredients I wouldn’t add to make it a viable daily meal.

I think some vitamins and minerals and ingredients like green tea unfortunately give me gas and sometimes because of other foods I’ve consumed together with huel , has caused laxative effects.

So sadly, I’m lowering my sights, not going for the perfect body and not going for perfect health, and am quitting huel again.

I really wanted to make it work.

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Hey Matt, damn I’m sorry to hear that Huel just isn’t working for you. I’m honestly not sure why Huel doesn’t work for some, but I appreciate that you can’t keep going along with gut issues. This happens when you just have 1 Huel meal? Because if you’re having 100% or close to 100% then I would definitely suggest reducing that.

We’re constantly trying to come up with a wide variety of products, ones to allow more and more people to benefit from complete nutrition - like our Hot & Savoury. Hopefully we will come up with something that can get you back in!

I was just thinking on this the other day. I’ve realised that if I stick to Huel and healthy food my guts are fine. They play up when I’m naughty. So it seems that Huel has the added bonus of making you eat well all the time or else…

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I’ve been using Huel products on & off for over five years now, watching the company grow from the humble vanilla powder to the current vast array of tasty treats

The powder gave me terrible gut issues, but I put up with it for around a year in the hope it would eventually get better. It never did

Strangely, I have no gut issues from the RTD’s, although they’re almost identical ingredients

No issues from Huel bars

Some issues from hot & savoury, but no more than any other food and nowhere near the scale of original powder

Zero issues from the protein powder

My regular Huel products are now the protein shakes (daily) and hot & savoury (occasionally). I have a cupboard full of regular powder that is unopened and years past it’s best before date which I haven’t got the heart to dispose of. Anyone want some free bags of out of date Huel ? Collection in North Yorkshire!

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Have you got any v1.0 Original?! Maybe sell it on ebay for £100k?