US customer service unresponsive

I placed an order and when I received the confirmation email the shipping address was incorrect. I tried to call, but there is no phone number. I immediately sent a couple emails and never received a response later I got a notification that it shipped to the wrong address. I have sent more emails and have been unable to get any response. Here is hoping customer service monitors there forums more than their email.

I mean, it is Sunday… :sweat_smile:

Well, yeah I first emailed them last week, it it hadn’t been almost a week I wouldn’t have resorted to this. Hoping they check it Monday

This is the UK forum, not much we can do to help you here on a Sunday, Matt. It’s normally smutty messages at the weekend.


Morning Matt, sorry to hear about the problems with your delivery. We have reduced service on Sunday yes but I’ve no doubt the team will get right on this as soon as they arrive in today. I’ve dropped them a message specifically about your order too.

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Tim, I wouldn’t expect them to get back on Sunday but I placed the order and immediately messaged them mid last week.