Unhappy Bunny

Has anyone else had this experience? My subscription order has not been received in spite of being told it had been dispatched 12/9. No contact from delivery people. Sent a query via the email option. No response. Contacted via live chat. I was assured that I would hear from them soon. 9 hours later still waiting. I was also assured that if there was no reply from their supply people then a replacement order would be sent out. No confirmation of this. So they have had my money for 10 days. I have had to pay out extra from my budget because I have nothing to eat to replace the lack of Huel.


Didn’t know there was a phone number. The lady on chat seemed so helpful i thought all was resolved. If I’d had a phone number I would have used it. I shall try tomorrow. Too late now I think

If custard services can’t help, semolina pudding will escalate it.


Custard service? Lol

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Not sure custard is gonna help in this situation :laughing:

@Mumsiebat they are normally really prompt with deliveries and their customer service is always excellent but can be a little slow at times (too many emails, not enough staff)

They’ve just changed fulfilment centres so that seems to have caused some issues recently. They will sort it for sure, but it’s the weekend now so it’s unlikely to be until next week unfortunately


@Mumsiebat are you in the UK?
Is it DPD that have (lost?) your parcel?

Yes the lady I spoke to said the problem was with the fulfillment people but that doesn’t explain why there has been no update from them since this morning.

Always nice to have a bit of custard service.