Use Huel as a VLCD?

Do you think it would work to use Huel as a VLCD for a few weeks? I’ve tried 3w with another shake in past (below 600cal), but unfortunately that shake isn’t vegan. So I’m looking for something vegan to start another VLCD diet with.

If you are going to do a VLCD please do this with the supervision of a dietitan. It’s not just important for doing it safely but how to integrate other foods back into your diet.

Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000kcal so at 600kcal you will not be getting all the nutrients you need. It’s just something to think about.

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I’m not really sure what food sources out there would give you complete nutrition at 600kcal tho, but I guess over a short period of time it wouldn’t have negative consequences. I have heard positive results from supervised VLCD tho. and many of them use meal replacement shakes and veg.

I did this with nutrilett and normally I get headache from any calorie and carb deficit, BUT I felt so good on those shakes below 600 calories for 3w. I felt like I could continue forever. And according to those you’re supposed to get all vitamins and minerals you need.

I already ordered 5 bags of Huel. I’m gonna count on it but right now I’m thinking 1000 calories per day from the powder only for 3w then add one meal food per day and continue like that. I could even add vitamins and minerals pills to this and I should be fine?

I’ve had a quick look but can’t find any info regarding how many calories of product(s) reach your requirements. It may be at 2000 or 2500. I am not qualified in nutrition unlike @Dan_Huel but I would think that 1000kcal of Huel for 3 weeks would have no negative health impacts. Having said that it is not recommended to jump in 100% straight off, so may be worth easing in for a week or so with 1 or 2 meals before 100% Huel at 1000kcal.

I don’t know enough about your reasoning as you may have a very good reason to pursue a VLCD so I guess I’m just curious?
Presumably people do this as a way of losing some weight quickly? Is this a way of attempting to do this without exercise? If so why wouldn’t you eat more calories and include some regular exercise.
I’m by no means an expert in nutrition. I’ve just always followed the rule of eating reasonably healthy food (for the past few years with Huel incorporated into my diet) and exercising regularly to maintain or lose weight. Calories in Vs Calories out Vs Calories burned and all that.
Apologies for my ignorance, like I say just curious!

I guess people do it to get a fast result and I guess some do it to get a quick start.

I would agree with you normally, and it’s just like you’re saying, calorie out vs in and it’s up to you the way you do it to lose, but the way you do it will matter for what you lose. I’m aware of this.

In my case I don’t have any appetite at all, I struggle already to eat real food so I’m really happy to find you since all other powder/shakes products I’ve found contains dairy and soya. Which I don’t wanna consume. I need to lose about 15kg and my metabolism is already bad, I need to go low on calories 1000-1200 per day + exercise to lose weight. Mentally this gets really exhausting to start with since I’m not working out now. I know I’ll get headache already from first day etc. I’m not thinking to workout with only consuming shakes. So to start with only shakes and then later when I add a meal

I can start working out. But I need to check the nutritional information and count everything before deciding. I’ll attach the one to nutrliett in case you’re not familiar with it already. They’ve been counting so you’ll get all what you need form 33g x5 per day as a woman, or 6 if you’re a man. I really felt good from it, so I think it’s possible with your product as well.

You’re right you’d need to supplement with vitamins and minerals which is partly where professional supervision comes in.

@Lolita I would really recommend seeking out professional help to do this safely and help maintain this weight loss. Huel can form part of this but I’m not going to provide tips or advice for a 1000kcal diet over the internet. You need personal, face-to-face consultations if this is the path you want to take.

You can always check out our guide to fat loss here if you want to try a different route.

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