Using natural Stevia instead of the Artifical sweetener in your Vanilla Huel powfer

Hello can’t Huel replace the The Artificial Sweetener with Stevia which is a totally a natural Sweetener + Not Artificial and Stevia is around 1,000 times sweeter than White sugar, Also Stevia doesn’t have any calories OR like the artificial sweeter Huel uses at the moment is Sucralose +like any any artificial sweeter fools the body into expecting a full sugar hit and when it doesn’t get it it make you crave sweet foods as that’s what your body is now wanting, with Stevia being a totally natural sweeter this does not happen. So can i ask Huel have you considered using Stevia in your Vanilla Flavoured Huel powder


Thanks for the comment. Sweeteners is something we have thought about a lot, trust me! We have tried a version of Huel with stevia instead of sucralose, we’ve worked hard to try to make it work but sucralose wins for flavour every single time. Stevia gives quite a bitter and almost licorice aftertaste so we didn’t go for it.

Stevia certainly isn’t 1000 times sweeter than sugar, more like 300, whereas sucralose is 600 times sweeter - therefore we get to use much less in Huel.

Did you know that the EU’s upper limit for safe sucralose consumption for a 45kg person is 675mg/day. To reach that limit, you would need to consume 10,199kcal worth of Huel vanilla (read more here -

But you have the perfect solution, simply get our Unsweetened Huel and add a bit of stevia to it. All our Flavour Boosts are sweetened with stevia for this purpose.

I hope this answers any queries you have and helps you reach your desired stevia sweetened Huel!


I think I’d actually stop using huel if it went full on Stevia, for the exact reasons above, it’s awfully bitter!

I don’t see the appeal myself to be honest, it’s not like Sucralose is going to cause any issues.



I see what you mean and i’m Sure you have tested extensively sweeteners in Huel, Dr Gillian Mckeith stayed in her book that stevia is 1,000 times sweeter than sugar so i’m Only quoting her words. Because of money I had to buy at a vegan fair “Food Revolution Foods” wild berry flavour pre-mixed and I could not Detect any after bitter taste I previously have tried all your flavour pouches and I need X 3 Times the recommend amount to taste the flavour + it made the smoothie mix went foothy I think it would be best to just pre-mix the other flavours like the Vinillia. And it has been scientifically proven that ALL artificial sweeteners fool the mind in thinking ur body + brain are getting a sugar hit when it doesn’t get it u crave sweet food that’s what’s wrong with artificial sweeteners OK just because stevia is natural doesn’t make it good not all natural substances are good but stevia been plant based must be surly better than lab man made substance. I brought the “revolution Foods”protein super foods uses stevia with a pre- mix wild berry flavour there was No bitter after taste, However I still think Heul is better than The food revolution because it is a more balanced food don’t get me wrong I love Heul + only tried the other product because it was half price + I have re-ordered X6 Heul bags but All artificial sweeteners are bad for you + If revolution food can make their protein powered with stevia with No bitter taste i’m Sure Heul can please read this article spelling out the dangers of consuming sucrose this web page tells u all u need to know thank you I just want Huel to be even better for u as I do love it nick

Buy the unflavoured one next time, that’s what I did as I wanted to avoid anything artificial, and I add my own flavours by way of berries, into it :slight_smile:

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For anyone who doesn’t trust science Huel offers the unsweetened version.

Sucralose works fine for me in Huel, in whey powders I tend to prefer aspartame as sweetener.

Oh, and I’m pretty fit and healthy thank you very much, if anecdotal evidence is what you like.


Don’t quote her. Her “qualifications” in nutrition are easily attainable, even for dead felines. She also agreed not to use the term ‘Doctor’ in advertisements after a complaint to an advertising authority. She is absolutely not an authority on any matters to do with nutrition, and taking her word for anything in this topic is questionable at best. The fact that she suggests stevia is 1000x sweeter than sugar indicates further she hasn’t even bothered to research the topic, as the actual sweetness ranges from 40x to 300x the sweetness of sugar (in that table, it is listed as steviol glycoside). Depending on which strains of these are isolated, sweetness can vary between the 40x and 300x, but never reach anywhere close to 1000x.

This would massively increase Huel’s SKUs and hence the amount of capital they’d need when purchasing in product.

Citation needed. There is no reason this would happen with artificial sweeteners but not natural ones.

Again, this is a naturalistic fallacy. Just because stevia is plant-based doesn’t mean anything - cyanide is in apple seeds for example. Natural things are often no better for you than artificial things, and can even be worse, even if they are plant-based.

The bitterness from stevia is not something everyone experiences, but for those that do it can completely ruin the taste.

Mercola is not a reliable source and should not be considered an authority on these matters.


Yeah, like real bears vs teddy bears.


Arguing that Stevia is “more natural” is an oxymoron in itself. To sweeten something with Stevia you don’t just sprinkle in a few finely ground leaves, but you must create something called a Stevia extract which is done industrially using solvents such as methanol and ethanol until you yield a white powder which is used just like any other sweetener.

Some argue “but you don’t need to process Stevia to use as a sweetener!” and I simply dare those of that opinion to try using the raw plant as a sweetener themselves before proclaiming that :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a really nice plant with cool culinary uses, but raw/dried/grinded up Stevia does indeed give a very overpowering bitter/licorice taste that is definitely not for everyone, especially used with the sole intent of providing sweetness.


Yeah, sugar comes from a plant too, but refining it into white crystals and adding it to everything you eat doesn’t do you any good at all.

Does anyone remember when JimmyJoy created a special version of their TwennyBar with a particular natural plant added to it?