v1.2 - New Version of Vanilla Seems Off

We are still investigating the taste difference in batch 2058. I will report back shortly.

I wonder if this is just people actually tasting less the sweetness/vanilla instead of it actually being “rancid” like some have said. I’m running out and need to buy some more but I really wanted to know if there’s no “danger” on ordering right now. If it’s just simply people not liking the taste I couldn’t care less.

I have batch 2068 (received 27th November). It tastes great (I’m almost through my 2nd bag already). Nothing wrong with it.

@Sptz I can confirm that it’s not dangerous, I’ve been using 1.2 without ill effects, it’s just a different taste.

I will post a full explanation shortly.

Update on the taste difference in v1.2
(batch numbers 2058 vanilla and 2061 unflavoured & unsweetened)

We have investigated further with our contract manufacturer and suppliers. All the ingredients are sourced from the same suppliers and are identical with the exception of the flaxseed and the rice. Both of these were sourced from the same supplier but they have confirmed these two ingredients were in turn sourced from a new source because stock wasn’t available at the time.

We have re-tested these two ingredients and agree there is a slight taste difference from the normal rice and flaxseed we use. Of the four people in Huel HQ, two preferred the taste of the previous version and two preferred the taste of batch 2058.

I have personally been using v1.2 and have had no ill effect and none have been reported by customers, so we put the taste difference down to natural variants because it’s been grown in a different location.

However, we understand that a consistent taste is preferable and therefore we have halted productions with the two ingredients mentioned above. There is some stock at our fulfilment house this will be fully dispatched by Monday / Tuesday next week.

New batches of the flaxseed and rice are due for delivery today and we have assured that these are from the exact same original source we have used in the past. We will produce new batches of both the Vanilla and Unflavoured & Unsweetened Monday/Tuesday and these should be available for dispatch on Wednesday.

We are sorry for the taste difference and will put measures in place with our suppliers to ensure a more consistent taste in future.


Excellent response, @Julian. Thank you for investigating this and keeping us all informed.

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Thanks for the update @Julian. However, there’s something I don’t understand:

You’ve mentioned only the 2058 vanilla and 2061 unflavoured being affected, and that there is still stock at your fulfillment house that contains the ingredients in question.

However, @mr_high_kick has said he received bags from batch 2068 in late November.

So does this mean that there are actually more batches affected than just the 2 you mentioned? What is batch 2068? What batch numbers are currently being sent out, and do they contain the differences in the 2 ingredients compared to what was used originally?

@eldrin mr high kick must have mistyped.

Yep. My bad. I have batch 2058 (vanilla). It’s fine.

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I’m currently on 2058 too, but I didn’t take note of the batch numbers of the previous few bags. I don’t know if the flavour has settle down again or whether I just got used to the different tasting rice protein.

Thanks @Julian, glad to hear you managed to find the reason for this taste anomaly! I was also suspecting the flaxseed actually, as along with the change in taste, the size of the flaxseed bits floating around has increased slightly in this batch. I applaud the action taken to avoid this source, since I found that it was not simply a slight change in taste, but a huge drop in my perceived quality of Huel.

Understandable. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I can notice the taste change but it seems fine. 1.2 seems less lumpy when shaken by hand which I really like.

Just to add to the opinions, I have 2058, and I don’t have a problem with it. Though I can’t compare it with earlier as I had a batch of unsweetened in between.

Hi @Julian just echoing what others have said, batch 2058 is my first ever Huel and at first I thought I had been sent the unsweetened version by mistake. I got a whiff of vanilla when I opened the bag but completely undetectable to taste. Doesn’t taste rancid or off in any way, just, well, unsweetened! Glad others have had the same issue and that it should be rectified, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get on with the taste of it - I’ve read people raving about the vanilla taste and it was nothing like I was expecting!

I, too, have batch 2058 and it’s delicious. It’s my first Huel, so I can’t compare with earlier batches, though. It certainly doesn’t taste unsweetened, though.

Seems like maybe not all of batch 2058 is the same. The plot thickens…

To me it sounds like everyone’s perception of sweetness differs… Surprise!

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A new batch of vanilla Huel has been blended, I’ve tasted it’s and it back to the good old Huel. This will be delivered in the next few days.

I, too, got the different-tasting vanilla Huel (2058) and have been drinking it these past couple of days. The taste reminds me a bit of Jaffa Cakes–with their characteristic orange-y tanginess–although I haven’t had any for years and years, so my comparison may be off. I don’t mind it at all. The vanilla flavour is hidden under said tanginess, though, compared to 1.1 vanilla Huel.

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