V2.1 Unflavoured Unsweetened vs V1.2 Unflavoured Unsweetened,

Like a number of others i waited for the new batch to be released after being put off of v2.0 by the experiences of others re salt, Fluoride and so on. I quite enjoyed both versions of v1.2.

I have had 3 meals of v2.1 Unflavoured Unsweetened and have been struggling so far.

I use cheap little breville liquidizer. I used the same mixture quantities of Huel and water that i have been using for months on Friday morning and took a bottle to work. It was so thick it wouldn’t poor from the bottle so it went down the sink at the end of the day! OK my mistake…

On Saturday I reduced the mixture, but now i find that to make it thin enough to drink from the bottle, it now tastes ‘watery’ and weak in my opinion. I now make it as thick as i can that will still poor, but it still tastes weak and watery…

It’s also taken on a consistency more like ‘jelly’ rather than the ‘porridge texture’ that I’m used to.

It looks to me like something has been added to thicken it up - v1.2 unflavoured was quite thin compared to the vanilla version. But this is far from an improvement in my opinion.

So far i cant say that i like this new version, but hopefully the Vanilla is better. I wont buy Unflavoured 2.1 again unless this is changed.


For a bit of fun, here’s a wiki article about the adventures of the Coca Cola when they ‘improved’ the recipe of Coke in the 80’s. It was a huge disaster, and eventually the new flavour was phased out and replaced with the original.

There was a discussion a few weeks back Recent order way too thick as well as further back Viscosity - How thick is too thick?

The gum change was implemented so unsweetened matched the thickness of vanilla mid v2.0.

A survey was carried out following concerns and most liked the thickness of 2.0.

It was then mentioned about the gum mix being reviewed given people using flavouring which adds to the thickness, this is not currently in for 2.1 as far as I know.


As @MadMattTheThird has mentioned, we wanted to bring UU Huel in line with Vanilla. The vast majority of Huelers use Vanilla, which has had almost exactly the same consistency throughout and there have been very few, if any people saying it was too thick.

I know it is a bit different but you just have to add a little more water.

So has the 2.1 UU not been thinned out a bit to take into account people flavouring it?

We didn’t. We brought it up with who makes our flavours and found out that the gum in the flavour systems was not contributing to thickness, but is just used as a carrier. So adding flavour systems to U/U does not contribute to thickness of Huel.

I was thinking you were taking the point of view of stuff the user might add that are not your own flavour system products.

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I’m on my first mix of 2.1, generally I do 600ml water with 2xU/U 1xVanilla and 1tbps of Cocoa powder.
it’s noticably thicker with 2.1, enough that I’m going to have to adjust my mixes as its more like drinking porridge than a chocolate shake.
there’s also a slightly odd aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on.

This is a great point and perhaps a good reason for there to be 2 U/U products, one thick for use with the Huel flavouring system, and another thinner version for people adding flavour using other foodstuffs (and for those customers who don’t find the texture of the thick version very appealing). The quantities of U/U produced are considerably less than the Vanilla by a factor of 1 to 10, so there would be less at stake if Huel were to consider giving it a trial run (I would guess).


Noticeable thicker than v2?


Good point!

They should start making v1.2 for UU again alongside v2 UU. They will sell them as they are doing with the remaining stock v1.2 stock.

I did think this v2.1 would be thinner to take into account the user adding their own stuff as Julian had mentioned they hadnt taken that into account before.

I didn’t for a minute think he was referring to their own flavour systems! In fact I dont think he was, they just couldnt be bothered doing anything about it.

This thick v2 gloop that by the sounds of it is even thicker now is what people want apparently.

People want to not be able to pour it out of the beaker and they want to waste an 8th of it because its stuck to the beaker and people want to waste time refilling the beaker to drink diluted Huel to get the otherwise wasted part.

That doesn’t even seem possible after trying v2. Bonkers

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