Veg based Huel Shake?

Hi Hueligans,

I’ve been using Huel for two meals a day for about a year now and love it, I generally add things to my Huel like Peanut Butter, whole banana (including the skin), frozen berries and sometimes instant coffee.

My question is, other than Kale, because I’ve done that a few times already, added it to a berry shake, does anyone add any veggies to their Huel shakes?

I’ve not yet experimented with this and did a search of the forum but the closest I could find was soup recipes which is interesting but not quite what I’m after.

I’m a newbie to the forum so any help would be appreciated.



If you’re blending it, you can add anything you want. I know someone who adds a few cloves of garlic to every shake.

whole banana (including the skin)

Is that a good idea? The manufacturers don’t expect people to consume the skin, hence nobody cares that pesticides remain on/in the skin. It’s fine if you grow your own bananas, but most don’t do that.

I know I ‘can’ add what ever I want, I was wondering if anyone else already did and if so, what do they add?

As for Banana Skin, I’m confident to a reasonable degree that banana skin in the UK is safe to eat, loads of people already do this and I’ve seen loads of reasons to eat it and very little commentary on why you should not, any pesticide residue on banana skin would need to be within safe levels I would think, but no harm in doing more research so I’ll look into it.



Perfectly safe if you wash them (this is just good practice anyway).

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I often add spinach, not quite sure why, it’s a leftover habit from protein shakes I suppose.

Banana peel is fine if washed, I personally don’t like it much and find it quite hard to digest but whatever floateth thy boat!

I smoke banana peel to get high, then listen to Gong and Ozric Tentacles*

*none of that is true.