Version numbering

Sounds good to me.

Tim above mentioned that changing labels is problematic, so I didn’t that that would be your preferred approach (for if you changed to 2.0.1).

2.0.1 would only be printed by the printer at the factory. v2.0 would remain on the label. Labels would only be changed once there is a significant change to the formula.

I concur, it would be a good idea to have the full version number (which would include the batch number) printed together at the factory. Does your manufacturer have technical capability to precede each batch number with a prefix of your choosing? If they do then having something like v2.1.1.2469 (i.e. prefix v2.1.1. and batch number 2469) printed on the pouch would be great.

I would also recommend doing what I have already suggested in one of my earlier posts - using GitHub and simple text files to keep track of versions. It is free and takes care of both version management and making the data available to the public (you can just link to your GitHub repository from your web page). You could use tags for version numbers (e.g. v2.0.1) and branches or separate text files for different types of Huel (e.g. vanilla, unflavoured etc.). Problem solved.

Could you just use the batch number? Announce changes such as “x replaced with y in and from batch 1234”.
Have all of these listed in batch order on the website.

Or just publish on the website:" v2.2 available in and from batch 1234". Again with a lookup of whats in 2.2 on the site.