Vitamine levels

Have there been reports of vitamine overdoses?
The fat soluble vitamins (ADEK) are present in more than 200%of the daily recommended amount, this worries me a bit. Or are they present in a form that it’s hard to take them up?

Fot the vitamins that are present in high amounts, it’s due to them naturally occuring in the macro ingredients. We haven’t added any extra in.

I don’t see how this answers my question.

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I’m no nutritionist, but from what I have read it is quite difficult to overdose on vitamins. The Guideline Daily Amounts are what your body requires in order to not be deficient. The maximum your body can handle is another matter entirely. Apparently there’s quite a large margin between the two. So 200% is no problem at all. Absolutely no need to be worried.

That’s why i only mentioned A, D, E and K, because excess is stored in your liver. The rest is peed out.

I’ve looked it up myself and the levels seem to be lower than maximum amounts, but not by too much.
If you are using blood thinners than the amount of vitamin K in huel could influence your treatment.

OK. To answer your question, there have been no reports of vitamin overdose.

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